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RHOD newbie Jennifer Davis Long explains why she was demoted from being a full-time Housewife

Jennifer Davis Long reveals why she lost her full-time role midseason.
Jennifer Davis Long reveals why she lost her full-time role midseason. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Dallas friend Jennifer Long Davis reveals that it was her decision to step down from being a full-time cast member to a Friend role.

Jennifer appeared on The Morning Toast podcast where she addressed the questions that fans have been wondering about all season: what’s the deal with Jennifer and why was she demoted mid-season?

“I had some personal issues going on in my family that I didn’t want the public eye to see,” she revealed on the podcast.

Upon watching the show, back she doesn’t regret her decision to step back a be a Friend on the show.

“I was grateful to film as much as I did and to be a friend of this year,” she continued.

She revealed that her husband made a big life decision throughout the course of filming that caused a big shift in their family dynamic.

“There was stuff going on in our home, where my other half went to rehab, and everything just culminated when we were shooting.”

She then hinted that she and her husband may have separated throughout the course of filming and that filming the show almost served as an escape from her problems.

“We’re co-parenting nicely, and things are moving forward, and the house is for sale,” she continued. “Things happened in a way that surprised me, but it’s okay; I’m very grateful the show was filming at the time; it was a wonderful distraction.”

She also denied rumors that she stepped down because she wanted footage of her threatening to kill her husband removed.

Jennifer admits she struggled with alcoholism

Viewers may have noticed that Jennifer doesn’t drink on the show. Jennifer confessed on the show that she struggled with alcoholism so she committed to a life of sobriety.

She delved further into her struggles with alcoholism during the podcast interview.

“Everyone struggles; it’s the human condition,” she prefaced. “I was dependent on alcohol for a really long time; I’ve been sober ten years.

“I just cannot drink alcohol; in so, I think being real and open is the only way to be authentic,” she added.

Jennifer has been heavily edited out of the show

Viewers have been noticing that Jennifer has only been featured on camera handful of times and has hardly had any lines despite being a Friend on the show.

Some viewers were even confused about why she was always around but never said anything.

Others think it’s an injustice that she has been so heavily edited out of the show.

Her fellow newbie Tiffany Moon has been featured much more heavily and has quickly become a fan favorite.

Meanwhile, viewers have started to turn on sophomore cast member Kary Brittingham.

Regardless, it appears that Jen is on board with having her role lessened on the show and is happy with how the show came out.

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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