RHOC newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas admits ex-husband was married when they started dating

RHOC newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas admits to being the other woman when she met ex-husband
Elizabeth Lyn Vargas was her husband’s mistress. Pic credit:@JuicyScoop…/YouTube

We’re several episodes into Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, and newbie Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is still a mystery.

The only thing we really know about Elizabeth so far is that she’s really rich and is going through a divorce.

Or at least she was during the filming of RHOC.

Elizabeth’s cast members have also gotten frustrated with her for constantly talking about her ex-husband yet being tight-lipped about their relationship, and her life.

Well, it seems things have changed because the RHOC beauty is now spilling all the tea about her marriage to Bernt Bodal.

Lyn Vargas recently confessed to being the other woman when she first met her now ex-husband and also dishes about threesomes and infidelity throughout her 17-year marriage.

Elizabeth had an affair with her ex-husband

The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member recently opened up to Heather McDonald on her Juicy Scoop podcast and lots of details about her past relationship.

Elizabeth admitted that when she met Bernt Bodal, he was married and had a family, but claimed to be unaware of this for several years.

“It was the oddest thing to find out he was married, cause he didn’t hide it very well to everyone” confessed Vargas. “He took me to all the restaurants…like everybody that knew him just covered for him.”

Elizabeth said when she thought Bodal was off on business trips, he was actually going home to his wife and kids.

However he eventually left his wife, and in 2012, Bodal and Lyn Vargas finally got married– after a secret engagement in 2009.

The reality TV personality told Heather, “He loved to keep a secret and I was a big secret to him. And I did not know that he had multiple other long-term relationships and he didn’t tell them that he was marrying me.”

Elizabeth talks about threesomes and infidelity

During her podcast chat, The Real Housewives of Orange County castmember dished about engaging in threesomes with her then-husband.

“He and I have always kinda dabbled in threesomes and things like that,” said the Bravo star. “You know, parties and fun because that’s what he required, that’s what he wanted. I did not want that; he wanted that.”

Elizabeth confessed to countless cases of infidelity in her marriage and her embarrassment in knowing that her husband was out and about with her women.

The Orange County Housewife vocalized that Bodal’s cheating ways may have been Karma, for dating him while he was still married.

“It was karma. I deserve it. I mean, I should have left the minute I found out he was married,” admitted Elizabeth.

She also shared what was the final straw in her marriage to the millionaire.

“When he started banging girls in Newport Beach, that’s when I drew the line and I divorced him.”

Vargas explained, “I’m like, ‘now you’re in my backyard. You can do it in Norway, you can do it in New York, you can do it in San Francisco, you can do it in Seattle….wherever you’re doing it – don’t do it in Newport Beach!’”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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