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RHOBH: Erika Jayne takes aim at Twitter ‘experts,’ calls out ‘snake’ among her friends

Erika Jayne
Ericka Jayne claps back at Twitter users during a late night Tweet storm. Pic: Bravo

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was centered on Erika Jayne’s marriage woes and she took to Twitter to clap back at negative comments users were posting in real-time.

The Erika Jayne/Tom Girardi scandal has dominated Real Housewives of Beverly Hills chatter for months and the current news is far ahead of the timeline of the show. However, this week’s episode, The Liberation of Erika Jayne, finally allowed viewers to hear Erika’s side of the story, such as it was. While the episode was airing she was live-tweeting, and she took some time to come for the Twitter haters’ negative reactions.

Never one to shrink herself, Erika took this opportunity, as her story unfolded on screen, to offer some of her own opinions about what was going on behind the scenes. This episode comes after reports of her lawyers requested to take testimony from her landlord and a full investigation into her finances was ordered.

Erika implies one of her castmates leaked information

In one of the many tweets of the night, she cryptically calls someone out who she thinks has been leaking news to the press. In the tweet, she calls this person a “snake” and “weak” and one can assume she is alluding to the court proceedings of the previous weeks.

She writes, “Everyone is so pressed. But I did find out the name of one of the snakes feeding bad info. No surprise really. This person always struck me as weak.”

Pic credit: @erikajayne/Twitter

The above tweet came in the early morning hours, and was one in a tweetstorm that went on for hours. Shortly before this tweet, she came for the Twitter “experts” for having such comprehensive opinions about her personal life and didn’t hold back.

Erika reacts to viewers’ opinion about her situation

After fans implied her reactions were “disappointing” and “incredibly insensitive” she clapped back, quickly shutting down folks who may think they know anything about her situation.

Erika Jayne tweet

Erika pulled no punches and didn’t give an inch during her tweet session. Fans came pretty hard for her, calling her greedy and shallow, and roasted her for even being on social media at a time like this. When one tweeter told her to log-off, she curtly replied, “You. First.”

Erika Jayne tweet
Pic credit: @erikajayne/Twitter

Things are starting to look very complicated for Erika and her legal battle, and it seems there is still more to unpack when it comes to the finances of it all.

As a viewer, it is hard to watch her story play out on the screen knowing what we know now, but there is still plenty of RHOBH to watch, and it’s going to be a juicy rest of the season.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.