RHOBH: Erika Jayne hints at Garcelle Beauvais that she is not part of their clique

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RHOBH Erika Jayne says she is glad Garcelle has Sheree. Pic credit: ©

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais met for a friendly drink at the end of last night’s episode.

However, the XXPEN$IVE singer had some rich comments for Garcelle, insinuating that she wasn’t part of their friend group. 

Garcelle and Erika met at the Grand Master Rooftop some days after Diana’s Holiday party, where Erika had once again had too much to drink. 

On the rooftop, Erika, who is trying not to mix alcohol with her pills, first ordered a chamomile tea. When the waitress told her that they don’t serve hot drinks up there, she quickly switched to a cognac. 

Garcelle said in her confessional, laughing, “I’ve never been tea or cognac.”

The Garcelle at Home founder inquired about Erika’s mental state, saying that the last time she saw her, she was tipsy. Erika was honest, replying, “I was blacked out.”

Erika Jayne admits she was blacked out at RHOBH Christmas party

When Beauvais asked why she was blacked out, she acknowledged that it was because she thought she could mix her medicine with alcohol and handle it. Pointing to her cognac glass, adding, “Just like this.”

The Haitian native says she understood that after last year, Erika needed to have a little more fun. She cautioned the performer to not let things get “Messy and sloppy.” 

Erika agreed and admitted that Lisa Rinna had called her out on her reckless behavior. 

She confessed to the former model that she is struggling, “Lost the home, lost the husband, lost all the stuff.” She added, “Nobody really tells you how to rebuild. That’s a lot of pressure Garcelle.”

Beauvais reassured her that she will be all right and that she will get through it. Garcelle further told the cameras that she believes Erika is owning it and will get better because she is aware that she has a problem.

Erika Jayne says she is glad Garcelle has Sheree calling Sutton a liability

Erika mentioned that because she lost a lot, she felt like, “It’s almost like I have a fresh set of eyes.” 

Garcelle asked her, “Are you seeing anything that you hadn’t seen?” adding, “Now that your eyes are open what are you seeing about our friend group?”

The Pretty Mess author took a second to think about her answer then said, “I’m glad you have Sheree because I think Sutton is a liability for you.”

Erika went on to say that she felt like Sutton was unpredictable and that Garcelle didn’t have to defend her so much. 

RHOBH fans were unhappy with Erika’s comment towards Garcelle

Erika’s microaggression wasn’t lost on viewers. They once again, took to Twitter to call out Erika Jayne.

One fan wrote, “It bothered me that Erika said she was glad that Garcelle has Sheree. So is she basically admitting that Garcelle has Sutton & Sheree & no one else in the friend group? This is the divide that Crystal spoke of last season & they pretended doesn’t exist.”

Tweeter criticises Erika
Pic Credit: @Tee_vee17/Twitter

Another viewer commented, “Erika said to Garcelle I’m glad you got Sheree… lol! Wow at least she basically admitted how loyal they are to each other… but they’re glad she has someone while they work on breaking Sutton down… that sums it up! #disgusting”

Tweet about Erika
Pic credit: @onlypatriciab/Twitter

And another fan wrote, “Garcelle talks to Erika about her drinking: Erika says she’s happy Garcelle has Sheree because Sutton is a liability.”


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays on Bravo at 8/7c.

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Gina Ross
Gina Ross
1 year ago

Sutton thinks her actions don’t stink. I wish she would leave the show. I love the new cast member Diana Jenkins.