Erika Jayne drank so much at RHOBH Christmas party, she hit her head and threw up

Erika Jayne headshot
Erika Jayne is admitting she had way to much to drink at the Christmas party. Pic credit: Bravo

Erika Jayne was a pretty mess on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Beverly Hills Black Out.

The XXPEN$IVE singer drank so much that she blacked out, hit her head, and threw up. 

The ladies were all at Diana Jenkins’ beautiful Christmas party, including Kathy Hilton, who returned to the show a couple of episodes ago.

Hilton had just sat down with some of the women when Erika ordered another “champagne orgasm thing,” as she called it. She kept leaning on Lisa Rinna as she struggled to maintain her composure and sit up straight. 

Rinna even tried to take her glass from her multiple times, telling her, “Put your drink down,” to which Erika replied, “No!”

Kathy kept looking at Erika’s drunken behavior, a bit perplexed.

At that time, the Pretty Mess author had already suggested to Crystal, struggling with an eating disorder, to take laxatives

Erika Jayne apologizes to Kathy Hilton

Erika – sitting down with Kathy, Diana, and Lisa – took the opportunity to apologize to Hilton, saying, “Kathy, I want to say something, and I want to get it off my chest.” 

An emotional Erika continued, “You invited me to a lot of events and the truth is I didn’t want to bring my scorned and my f**king Scarlet letter onto your daughters and onto you.” 

Erika, crying at this point, says, “Please don’t make me cry, but the truth is, I can’t.”

Kathy said she understood, but that Erika was always included. She also said that she appreciated that Erika took the time to RSVP saying, “I always respect everyone’s feelings.”

Hilton, seemingly uncomfortable by Erika’s swearing and drunken behavior, headed back inside. 

When Garcelle Beauvais asked her, “How’s Erika?” she replied, “Things were getting out of control.”

Beauvais asked Hilton if she knew that Erika had cursed at her 14-year-old son, Jax. 

Garcelle insisted that Erika has an issue with drinking and shouldn’t be mixing pills and alcohol. Kyle tried to give Erika a pass, whereas both Krystal and Kathy admitted this was unacceptable behavior. 

Erika Jayne could barely walk as she was leaving Diana’s Christmas party 

Meanwhile, outside, Rinna tried to get Erika to leave as Garcelle came and bid farewell to the hostess. 

Erika started to stand up and fell back down on the couch, taking Rinna with her. She threw one leg up in the air, while Rinna whispered to her with a serious tone, “Shut your legs.” 

Garcelle said in her confessional that she hopes the ladies will realize that Erika has a problem.

Erika Jayne blacked out after RHOBH Holiday party, hit her head, and threw up

Lisa Rinna went to the owner of Pretty Mess Hair’s house for what seemed like an intervention. 

She was having a business meeting for her hair extension line. At the end of the meeting, she asked Mikey, her stylist, to stay. And he asked, “How was the holiday party?”

Lisa Rinna threw the question back at Erika, “How was our holiday party?” 

Erika admitted she didn’t remember, to which Rinna replied, “I wouldn’t think you would.”

She then turned to Mickey, explaining “Our girl was s**t-faced.”

The Soap Oprah star continued saying to Erika, “I mean you were slurring your words.” She asked her, “Did you black out when you got home?”

Erika openly revealed, “Yes, I hit my head. Then I vomited.”

The Pretty Mess author explained in her confessional that the Holidays were particularly hard for her this year. A vulnerable Erika admitted, “Because you have great memories of the holidays, before and past, and when things were loving and great. And now, it feels like it’s desolate.”

Erika Jayne’s legal woes seem to continue as the RHOBH star was hit this month with a $50 million lawsuit.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays on Bravo at 8/9c

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