RHOA: Nene Leakes calls Kandi a hater in YouTube video: Kandi responds on Instagram

RHOA OG Nene Leakes says Kandi is a hater
Nene Leakes calls Kandi Burruss a hater in latest YouTube video. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect/StarMaxWorldwide/ImagePressAgency

Nene Leakes recently posted a YouTube video where she takes aim at Kandi Burruss, calling her a hater!

The OG housewife sat down to discuss episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and as usual, she didn’t hold anything back.

While discussing her fight with Kenya Moore, which is now playing out on RHOA, Nene explained that she was sincere when she approached Kenya about her marriage.

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She said she “just wanted to offer words of encouragement,” despite Moore not doing the same for other couples on the show.

Nene listed several couples who Kenya has taken aim at over the years

“When Kim Fields was on the show, her and Chris, she said that Chris was gay. She said that Porsha was Kordell’s beard when they were breaking up, period,” Nene said.

“Then she was seen taking pictures with Kordell. She was in Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage; the guy Chris and Natalie that came on the show, she had something to say about their relationship.”

Nene then touched on Kenya’s friend, Kandi Burruss – who she calls a hater for defending Kenya.

Nene says, “For some reason though, Kandi just can’t be on my side for nothing. Right or wrong she can’t say ‘Nene is right,’ that can never come out of her mouth.”

Live from Casa Leakes

As YouTube viewers chimed in with their comments, the mom-of-two continued.

“What’s crazy though is when Phaedra and Porsha was doing the whole rape/dungeon thing I was on Kandi’s side the whole way,” Nene said. “[I] spoke out publicly about it, went to San Francisco with the cast [and] got into a whole argument with Porsha.”

The 52-year-old continued: “The fact that this girl, every single season, she sits in her interview and just snaps at me and can never, ever say ‘Nene was right about this,’ it just really comes off like hate.”

The 40-minute long video is titled, live from casa Leakes

After it was posted, Kandi caught wind of the conversation and posted a clap back video on Instagram.

Kandi’s video looks like a full movie production. It starts off with a clip of Nene, mixed with elements from the classic horror movie, Candyman.

She noted in her caption that the quarantine gave her time to be “petty.”

But you’ll have to see it for yourselves to truly understand the shade…

Not one to be outdone, Nene posted a few photos seemingly responding to her costar.

In one pic she sticks out her tongue and adds the caption, “They love me cause I’m dat bi*ch! PERIODT”

In another photo she gives the camera a sly smile, captioning the post “They have to use me because no one would care otherwise! Quarantining ?”

The two housewives were getting along great throughout the season, but it seems that the cast’s trip to Greece has caused tension among the group.

We’ll have to keep watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, every Sunday night at 8/7c on Bravo to see how this all plays out!

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