Kenya Moore teases ‘epic’ Season 12 RHOA reunion, threatens to bring receipts

Kenya Moore promises to bring receipts to the RHOA reunion after last night's episode
Kenya Moore warns that she has ‘receipts’ to expose ‘fake friendships’ at the upcoming reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has Kenya Moore all ‘fired up’ about the reunion — saying she plans to cut the heads of all the snakes!

The former beauty queen seems to be referring to the now mended friendship between Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams, which played out on last night’s episode.

After a nasty social media battle stemming from last season’s “closet gate,” the big sis/little sis friendship that the women once had was shattered for a while.

However, last night they had a tearful conversation and put the past behind them.

Nene and Porsha have a tearful conversation in Greece. Pic credit: Bravo

This reconciliation clearly didn’t sit well with Kenya

During a green screen interview, Moore said of the renewed friendship, “After hearing everything that I’ve heard Porsha say about Nene I think she would just be the last person to fall for Nene’s BS.”

She also took to Instagram, posting a photo of a box full of receipts, telling fans she plans to “expose” the “fake friendships” at the reunion.

Nene, of course, caught wind of Kenya’s post and had a response of her own.

She shared a photo of herself and Porsha with the caption, “Big sis, Lil sis is back! The past is the past! I don’t care about yesterday! We are sisters today #byereceipts”

Porsha also posted a gorgeous pic of the two women clad in their bikinis saying “it’s all love and forgiveness. ”

Porsha’s pic shows the two women enjoying themselves on the beach in Athens, Greece, during the cast trip, which is still playing out on the show.

We got a glimpse of an epic showdown between Leakes and Moore

Last night, the women sat down for dinner hosted by Porsha and Tanya Sam, who wanted them all to air their grievances with whoever they chose, then let it go.

Cynthia chose to address an issue with her friend Kenya which occurred earlier in the day during a “dinner in the sky.”

As the women sipped on wine, Kenya referenced the Bailey Wine Cellar several times, grilling Cynthia about her wine knowledge – or lack thereof.

When Cynthia brought up the issue with Kenya that night, she quickly apologized, and Cynthia accepted it.

This did not sit well with Nene who thought Cynthia was letting Kenya off too easy, and she aired her sentiments saying to Cynthia, “I don’t really understand the tiptoeing, I know if that was me that you would have gone harder.”

In a matter of seconds, Nene called Kenya a “big a** bully,” and all hell broke loose. Nene attempted to throw food at Kenya then called her “bipolar,” saying, “that’s why your husband left.”

The argument ends but was short-lived as Kenya tries to make amends with Tanya Sam, and Nene once again jumps in, reigniting an argument between her and Kenya.

This nasty battle will play out next week, as we see a clip of Nene and Kenya almost coming to blows.

As for the season 12 reunion, we hear it’s been postponed due to the coronavirus scare.

In the meantime, you can still see the ladies on brand new episodes of RHOA airing Sunday night at 8/7 central on Bravo.

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