NeNe Leakes shuts the door on Kenya Moore forever, remembers how Kenya treated other divorcing RHOA cast

Nene Leakes says she is done with Kenya Moore for good
Nene is officially done with Kenya Moore after being snubbed several times. Pic credit: Bravo

Nene Leakes is done with Kenya Moore forever, and now we know why.

Last night we got a glimpse into why the Nene and Kenya Moore feud reignited.

The two women have never been friends, but their battle has been heating up for the last few weeks, with both spewing nasty comments and insults at each other in interviews.

However, last night’s episode gave us the backstory to why Nene Leakes is finished trying to make amends with the former beauty queen.

The women visit Greece

Immediately after Kenya’s shocking divorce announcement, the cast packed up their bags and headed off to Greece.

However, the ‘elephant in the room’ could not be avoided, and the ladies finally got Kenya to open up about her divorce during dinner.

As the women rallied around a tearful Moore, she made sure to thank ALL of them by name except for Leakes, whom she didn’t even acknowledge.

After dinner, Cynthia tried to get Nene and Kenya to stay behind for a chat so that Nene – who has been through a divorce – could lend her support.

However, Kenya once again would have none of it, and quickly dismissed the idea despite Nene agreeing to the sit-down.

This was the final straw for OG housewife who revealed to her co-stars that she had already reached out to Kenya several times but to no avail.

Nene airs it all on Twitter

As the episode aired last night, Nene took to Twitter.

In one post she called Kenya a “Monster,” saying she owes her nothing.

In another post, she pointed out the hypocrisy of the whole thing, noting that Kenya’s friends want people to be sensitive to her, and yet he has never been sensitive towards others.

Some users agreed with Leakes, and shared their own views on the matter, recalling how just recently Kenya was trying to split up Tanya Sam and her fiance.

Nene also slammed the 49-year old in her confessional saying, “Kenya snubbed me at the table twice. She thought she could get under my skin. You didn’t get under my skin, girl.”

Nene slams Kenya’s behavior during her confessional. Pic credit: Bravo

She continued, “She’s really a sad woman because it takes nothing to say thank you for at least trying.”

At the end of the confessional, an angry Leakes ended by saying,  “I put all of our drama aside, and as a married woman and a woman who has been through things in her marriage, I wanted to just really give her real advice.”

She added, “F** Kenya. Be clear, f*** Kenya, and her bad skin. Ok?”

Next week we’ll see an epic throwdown between Leakes and Moore as the Greece trip continues.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7 central on Bravo.

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