Nene Leakes warns RHOA cast to get ready for the reunion: ‘I’m coming for your wigs!’

NeNe Leakes warns RHOA cast about season 12 reunion.
NeNe Leakes has warned the RHOA cast about the Season 12 reunion. Pic credit: ©

NeNe Leakes is issuing a warning to her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars about the upcoming reunion. And the self-proclaimed Queen of RHOA appears to believe that even the strongest tiaras can’t protect her co-stars from the wrath of NeNe.

While viewers of the Real Housewives of Orange County know Vicki Gunvalson as the former OG of the OC, it’s Leakes who reigns not only in her own eyes but in those of her fans as the true star of RHOA.

Her ability to dramatize storylines has made the reality TV series one of the most popular. And now NeNe promises to live up to her reputation for drama during the Season 12 Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

NeNe Leakes issues ‘not a threat but a promise’

Some Real Housewives stars are hesitant to overdo the drama at an always-popular reunion episode, not wanting to upset producers so much that they get pushed down from star into the dreaded “friend of” category.

But NeNe appears to have no such fears. Leakes informed People magazine that she is excited about staging a confrontation with her RHOA co-stars, from Kenya Moore to Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss to Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams.

“These girls … they’re gonna get it, let me tell you,” warned the 52-year-old RHOA queen. “This isn’t a threat, it’s a promise.”

And fans of Leakes’ style can look forward to a full display of her finest fashion.

“And I’m going to be beat from head to toe while I do it, sitting there with a full face, wig, dress, high heels this tall, looking fabulous, and tearing the house down,” she added.

NeNe Leakes reminds RHOA cast members that they ‘can never wear the crown’

NeNe also emphasized that she anticipates feeling no guilt or having any sleepless nights over her upcoming performance against the rest of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. The queen’s crown is on quite securely, thank you, Leakes noted, as she prepares for what may be her most drama-packed RHOA reunion yet.

“I’m going to get these girls and do it very good and walk right on out and sleep just fine. Is my money in my account? Thank you. The queen is here, you can never wear the crown. They’re all wearing tiaras.”

NeNe acknowledged that during the Season 11 reunion, she was “emotionally done.” The RHOA star felt “so upset” after viewing footage of Cynthia Bailey “betraying” her that she “couldn’t put two sentences together.”

However, Bravo TV maestro Andy Cohen need have no fears about a repeat of that lackluster performance, promised Leakes.

“That is not going to happen again,” she vowed. “All season long, these girls have had one nasty thing after the other to say about me. And you really expect me not to say anything back? Do you really think I’m that girl?”

Although NeNe “laid low for a bit,” she is re-energized and ready for action.

NeNe Leakes has no plans to leave RHOA amid new warning, ‘I’m coming for your wig’

Attention, Kenya, Cynthia, Porsha, and Eva: If you’re wearing hairpieces to the reunion, secure them extra tight. Because Leakes has another warning for you.

“I’m coming for your wig,” promised NeNe. “You’re never going to talk to me and think you’re not going to get it back.”

Rumors have swirled that Leakes is leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Not so fast, she asserted.

“I’m here for the show being around for a very long time,” promised NeNe. “This is a show I built, on these shoulders. These are doors that I opened so that these girls could walk through it. Be very clear about that.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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