RHOA: Has Jaylan Banks confirmed his relationship with Falynn Guobadia? Calls her his ‘twin flame’

Jaylan Banks may have just confirmed his relationship with RHOA star Falynn Guobadia
Are Falynn Guobadia and Jaylan Banks together? Pic credit:Kandionline/YouTube/@itsjaylanbanks/Instagram

After months of speculation, it appears Falynn Guobadia and Jaylan Banks are finally confirming their relationship. The couple did not respond after Falynn’s estranged husband Simon Guobadia made several claims against them after confirming his own engagement to Porsha Williams. 

Simon alleged that Falynn had been cheating on him with Jaylan for months. And in a lengthy rant on his Instagram page, he shared video footage reportedly showing Falynn and Jaylan at his home late at night as proof of their indiscretion.

Porsha’s fiance also made other claims against his estranged wife and further alleged that she was currently pregnant with his child, but that remains to be seen. What we do know so far is that Jaylen may have just confirmed the rumors that he and Falynn are a couple.

Jaylan Banks says Falynn Guobadia is his twin flame

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie already spoke out about the allegations made by Simon but she did not confirm or deny a relationship with Jaylan. However, it seems Jaylan did just that with a recent photo that he posted on social media. 

In the picture, Falynn and Jaylan appear to be on a tropical getaway. The Atlanta entrepreneur shared a photo of himself and Falynn with the caption “Twin flame energy” which seems to confirm that the two are indeed together. 

One comment on the post even garnered a response from Falynn. “You look so happy,” wrote the commenter, to which the mom-of-three responded, “I am.”

Falynn Guobadia tells fan that she's happy
Pic credit:@itsjaylanbanks/Instagram

Falynn Guobadia calls out trolls

The Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie has been getting a lot of negative comments after Simon Guobadia accused her of cheating. 

However, the former model is not letting the trolls get the best of her and she recently called them out in an Instagram post. She also told people that she does not need pity and won’t live in Simon’s shadows. 

“Do not make the mistake of supporting me due to pity or sorrow bc I will disappoint you every time” wrote Falynn. “I refuse to live my life in the shadows of a man. Draw your own conclusions and keep that negativity off my page bc I love my block button.”

In the message, the former RHOA star also thanked her followers for their support and teased plans to share more of her life in due time. 

Despite seemingly confirming their relationship, it remains to be seen if Falynn is indeed expecting a child by Jaylan as Simon previously claimed.

The 32-year-old has shared several of photos on her own social media page and there does not seem to be a bun in the oven. Falynn’s latest photo was posted only two days ago as she posed with her new jeep. She was clad in a tightly fitted black tank and a pair of shorts and does not appear to be pregnant in the photo.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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