Renny Martyn from Big Brother 10 suffered a heart attack

Renny Big Brother
Renny played as part of the BB10 cast. Pic credit: @RennyMartyn/Instagram

Big Brother 10 cast member Renny Martyn may recently gone through a health scare.

Renny posted to Facebook where she noted that she had suffered a heart attack. She didn’t go into a lot of detail, but she already has a lot of well-wishes being posted on social media.

There are also several threads up on Reddit with fans asking for prayers for the former Big Brother houseguest.

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Renny shares her heart attack on Facebook

Along with an image of herself smiling in big white sunglasses, Renny wrote, “A Heart Attack won’t do me in Baby, I’m just ⭐️ STARting to Live!!!! Never a dull day in my Life!!”

Amid all of the well-wishes, there have also been a few jokes. One that was posted to Reddit suggested that Renny just hinted at an appearance on Big Brother All-Stars 3 with the way she wrote her note.

Renny played on the Big Brother 2008 season

Lorenza “Renny” Martyn was a 53-year-old beauty salon owner from New Orleans, Louisiana when she appeared as a member of the BB10 cast.

Renny quickly became known for saying anything that came to her mind and the lack of a verbal filter landed her a lot of fans. She ended up finishing in fifth place during a season that also included Dan Gheesling (Big Brother 10 winner), Memphis Garrett, Keesha Smith, Jerry MacDonald, Jessie Godderz, and Michelle Costa.

Dan, Keesha, Memphis, and Jessie each returned for future seasons of the show, with Memphis and Keesha also becoming members of the Big Brother 22 cast.

Libra Fights With Jerry & Renny

Big Brother 23 to air in summer 2021

A brand new season of Big Brother is on the way this summer. The production team and casting director are already hard at work determining who will be a part of the BB23 cast, with the early rumors indicating that they will be tapping an entirely new crop of houseguests to play the game.

The Big Brother start date for 2021 has not yet been revealed, but it looks like it could begin at the end of June. That would be roughly the same time that most seasons of the show get started, with the obvious exception of Big Brother 22, which had its production delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the meantime, die-hard fans can tune to the new season of Big Brother Canada, which is about to get started on Global TV. The BBCAN9 cast has already been revealed and the season premiere is coming up very soon.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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