Reilly says she dodged a bullet when it comes to dating Matt from Big Brother 25

Reilly BB25 Nominations
Reilly Smedley had a short stay in the Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

A manufactured showmance between Reilly Smedley and Matt Klotz happened during Big Brother 25.

Matt developed feelings for Reilly, but when he shared those feelings with her, she placed him in the friend zone.

Later that season, Matt became the Head of Household and received a letter from Reilly. She hinted at sharing feelings for him after he had pined over her for most of the summer.

The duo linked up after the Big Brother season but went their separate ways after hanging out for a while. They seemed destined to remain friends.

Reilly was also on hand when Matt filmed for a CBS soap opera. He appeared on an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful with Cirie Fields.

Recently, Matt addressed rumors he has a new girlfriend.

A live session between Reilly and her fans

While participating in live chat with her social media followers, Reilly appeared to throw some shade in Matt’s direction.

Is it a hint that Reilly was displeased that her efforts to begin a relationship with Matt didn’t pan out?

“Reilly you dodged a bullet with Matt fr,” wrote a Reilly fan during her live chat.

“Yeah, I know,” Reilly said as she smiled and laughed while reading the comment.

Below is a quick clip from that social media chat.

More news from Big Brother

The Big Brother 25 cast has been busy following their season.

Cameron Hardin appeared in the first season of Reindeer Games. He didn’t do well but struck up friendships with many Big Brother alums.

Nicole Franzel calls herself the first two-time Big Brother winner after she won Reindeer Games. It created a fun debate among fans.

Cirie Fields and Jared Fields have a new podcast. In the first episode, Jared came clean about his messy gameplay.

Big Brother 25 winner Jag Bains hung out with Survivor 45 finalists. He has been traveling around the country after BB25. That included a visit with Amazing Race winners Claire Rehfuss and Derek Xiao.

America Lopez is also talking about “marriage” with Cory Wurtenberger. Their showmance is still going strong.

Reilly Smedley can be seen on Big Brother 25. All episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Julie Chen Moonves returns as the Big Brother 26 host next summer. Applications are already open for people who want to be on the BB26 cast.

Big Brother fans looking for a new to watch may enjoy The Traitors on Peacock. Season 2 of The Traitors features two Big Brother legends.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024.

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