Reality Steve teases huge plot twist to previous season surrounding ‘major producer involvement’

Reality Steve
Reality Steve says he has recently learned of a new plot twist involving a producer from an older season. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

Reality Steve is known as one of the biggest spoilers of the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises.

Every season, he dishes out more spoilers than anyone else and he has made a name for himself as being one of the most reliable and accurate bloggers when it comes to the Bachelor franchise.

Fans send him everything from pictures to direct quotes about current or former contestants and he always verifies the stories as much as possible before sharing them.

And if he doesn’t believe a source, he doesn’t publish the story.

But now, Reality Steve admits that he has heard about a major plot twist regarding a previous season that could surprise a lot of people.

Reality Steve says he has learned of a new plot twist

On his social media profiles, Steve reveals that he found something out about six months ago that involves a producer.

He explains that the issue didn’t happen six months ago, but rather, was in regards to a previous season. He just learned about it six months ago.

With 40 seasons complete, it could be any season.

Reality Steve
Reality Steve teases a major new gossip story. Pic credit: @realitysteve/Instagram

He calls it “major producer involvement” and adds that he now gets to ask the person about it all. He teases that this major development will be his podcast episode this week and he gets the entire story directly from the person.

Very few details are given, but this isn’t the first time that there has been producer involvement on the show.

Reality Steve is always verifying his stories before he shares anything

Even though Reality Steve hasn’t always been completely right the first time around, he has always updated his information when he receives it. For example, he first reported that Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron were together after her season of The Bachelorette, but later changed his information to say that she picked Jed Wyatt.

If he isn’t certain about something, he will let people know that he’s not 100 percent sure and may need more time to verify the details of a story.

Reality Steve was the first person to reveal that ABC was choosing Clare Crawley to be the next Bachelorette a few days before she was announced during Good Morning America on ABC.

Reality Steve recently told Nick Viall during a visit to his podcast that he always checks the sources that come forward with stories. He also admitted that when he hadn’t, he had paid for it, including the story about Jordan and Jenna from Bachelor In Paradise.

In other words, this “major producer involvement” story he’s about to dig into could be one for the books.

The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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