Reality Steve reveals he’s never gotten more negative information about a contestant than Victoria F

Victoria F
Victoria F may be the most controversial contestant in the show’s history. Pic credit: ABC

Reality Steve is known for spoiling seasons of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise.

He does this job with the help of people who send him tips, videos, and rumors.

Sometimes, he’s able to verify the rumors, and other times, he doesn’t share what he’s told.

But there was something different about this season of The Bachelor. Not only has Steve been unable to spoil the finale, but he’s also been bombarded with negative information about one particular contestant.

In a new interview with A Beautiful Podcast to Fall In Love, Steve reveals that he has never received so much negative information about a contestant as he has with Victoria Fuller.

Reality Steve reveals people just came forward with information

Steve didn’t even have to dig that much for the information. He has previously revealed that people just sent him information about her.

In the clip below, you can hear how he confirms that people seemingly don’t like Victoria and were more than willing to dish out information about her.

Steve also confirms that Merissa Pence contacted him with the hopes of speaking to producers about Victoria.

While Steve didn’t have contacts with production, he did help her out by sharing what he could as long as he could confirm the information.

Reality Steve helped Merissa Pence with her information

Merissa is the ex-girlfriend that warned Peter Weber about Victoria during the hometown dates. At the time, she didn’t reveal what she knew.

However, this week, Merissa revealed that Victoria had broken up four marriages.

She revealed Victoria cheated with the men in the marriages, and the wives spoke to Merissa about it. Pence shared that the wives were thankful that someone was defending them and calling Victoria out for what she had supposedly done.

Victoria has not addressed the allegations specifically but did share an Instagram post back in November, hinting that she had been bullied.

All of the information that came out because of Merissa resulted in a confrontation at a bar in December after Victoria came home.

While Merissa claims that Victoria yelled at her, Victoria claims that she was forced to lock herself in the bathroom for her own safety.

Victoria may share her side of the story on the Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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