Merissa Pence claims Victoria F broke up FOUR marriages before The Bachelor

Victoria and Peter
Victoria is being accused of ruining four marriages before meeting Peter Weber. Pic credit: ABC

Merissa Pence walked up to Peter Weber during Victoria Fuller’s hometown date on last night’s episode of The Bachelor to warn him about her.

She knows both Peter and Victoria and didn’t think that the two were a great match.

Her face was blurred out on The Bachelor and Merissa didn’t get to tell Peter everything she knows about Victoria.

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But she did dish out some wild details about Fuller afterwards, revealing that she believes that Victoria is solely responsible for ruining up to four marriages in their town in Virginia.

Merissa Pence just revealed Victoria’s dirty laundry

The news didn’t come out on The Bachelor, but there had been rumors about Victoria being a homewrecker.

Pence reveals in a new interview that she decided to come out with her claims because she has nothing to lose. She also adds that wives who were affected by Fuller thanked her for coming forward.

Merissa dished details to Us Weekly about what she knows about Victoria and her past. Previously, it had only been revealed that she was allegedly responsible for breaking up one marriage because she had been accused of sleeping with a married man.

“One of the other wives actually confronted me when I was at a bar in Virginia Beach and I didn’t know that that’s who she was until after the fact. And she was like, ‘I just want to thank you so much. You took on a huge burden that a lot of us couldn’t take on because of other reasons,’” Merissa explained to the magazine.

“It’s definitely been crazy. I definitely lost friends because everybody hopped on the fame train, which is fine. They’ll figure it out one way or another.

“But I never got, the only two hate mail messages were from two people from our hometown that quickly jumped to her side. But other than that, everyone’s like, ‘Thank you for doing that.’”

It seems that Merissa didn’t do it for fame but rather to do the right thing by Peter, who she once cared a lot about.

Fans want Merissa Pence on the Women Tell All

As Monsters & Critics reported yesterday, Merissa and Peter used to date. The two were together for a couple of months back in 2012, long before Peter went on The Bachelorette to win Hannah B’s heart.

The fact that she decided to speak out about Victoria has many people wanting to hear her side of the story.

After the show aired, people on Twitter shared the idea of her going on the Women Tell All special to share her side of the story and to confront Victoria on behalf of the wives who had been hurt by her actions.

Since the producers blurred out her face on The Bachelor, it seems highly unlikely that they will invite her to the show to be a spokesperson for the wives who have supposedly been hurt by her. But you never know.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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