Reality Steve addresses speculation that The Bachelor’s Peter Weber and Hannah Sluss are on an island together

Peter and Hannan Ann
Peter and Hannan Ann seem to be sparking some rumors. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber claims that his ending remains unspoiled and that no one can figure out who he picked to give the final rose.

This has been a huge selling point of this season, as no one knows who he picked or whether he’s engaged.

So, viewers are doing everything to figure out what happened in Australia, where Peter’s finale was reportedly filmed.

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In an effort to link Peter and Hannah, someone captured their Instagram activity and argued that they had just revealed they were together.

But this may not be the case at all.

Peter Weber and Hannah Ann are caught up in a rumor

It all began when Hannah posted an Instagram Story where she used the caption, “Island time for me.”

At the same time, Peter posted a photo on his Instagram Stories with the caption, “We be on that island time.”

Reality Steve saw the posts and quickly figured it out. Hannah was in St. Simons, Georgia at a restaurant called Echo, as the menu was front and center on her photo. Meanwhile, Peter used his location to tag himself in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

He also asked viewers to please calm down.

It’s interesting that viewers think that Peter has chosen Hannah, as he defended her last month after she was compared to Luke Parker.

There was something she did and said on the show that gave her a sense of arrogance, and viewers immediately took her confidence as being the arrogance of Luke Parker.

Of course, Peter knows Luke from Hannah Brown’s season and he was quick to set the record straight, saying he couldn’t disagree more.

It’s clear that Hannah has a special place in his heart, possibly so much that he picked her in the end.

Peter Weber is down to four women after tonight

After tonight’s episode, Peter is down to four women. He started last week with 16 women and he’s quickly sending them home over everything from lackluster connections to dramatic confrontations.

But fans are curious as to which one of the final four he picks.

Peter has already teased that his ending is far from a normal ending, but viewers don’t know what that means just yet.

The finale is still over a month away and since it remains unspoiled, a lot can still happen.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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