Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore says things are looking up for her and husband Marc Daly

Kenya Moore
After announcing her separation from her husband Marc, Kenya says that they seem to be in a much better place. Pic credit: Bravo

Kenya Moore’s marriage woes have aired for all to see on The Real Housewives of Atlanta this season. After two years of marriage, she and her husband Marc Daly separated in September.

But a recent interview with Radio Andy Reality Checked shows that the couple may be headed on a path to reconciliation.

Kenya Moore is hopeful

Kenya said in the interview that she and Marc are in a really good place right now. “Our relationship hasn’t been this good in a long time,” the entrepreneur said.

She said that things improved when they came together to celebrate their daughter’s birthday in November. Kenya said that she looked at the party as an opportunity to co-parent and be an example for their one-year-old daughter Brooklyn.

“I just think that really showed him that I’m not after him,” Kenya said of her behavior towards the party. “I want a calm, peaceful home, and a great environment for my daughter. That’s all I want.”

The couple has not filed for divorce. She said that Marc does want to stay together and that she is open to it as long as they really put in the work.

Kenya said that she feels like the separation was a “rash decision” that occurred after the baby was born and the stress of life made the relationship deteriorate.

The couple has decided to attend counseling, but Kenya says that things have to change. “Communication number one. It has to always be respectful communication, even when you’re upset, when you’re hurt, and when you’re angry,” she said.

The friendship between the spouses has improved. “We’re better friends now than we have been in a long time,” Kenya said.

What viewers saw on RHOA

This season, viewers saw Kenya and Marc have some tough conversations and tense dinners with the other couples. Kenya said that she and Marc have not discussed his feelings about his appearance on the show.

Kenya even had a discussion with Kandi where she explained that she didn’t like the way that Marc spoke to her when he was angry. That conversation ended with Kenya in tears.

Kenya shared that they are in a very different place than they were when they were filming this season’s show. “The show is taped six months ago, so we’re looking at it backwards basically,” Kenya said.

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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