Rachel Reilly wants to play Survivor, win Big Brother again

Rachel Reilly BB Survivor
Rachel Reilly has played Big Brother and The Amazing Race and now wants to try Survivor. Pic credit: CBS

Rachel Reilly wants to win Big Brother again, but she also wants to go on a season of Survivor.

During a recent Instagram Q&A session that Rachel did with her fans, she answered a lot of queries about what she is up to and what she would like to do in the future. That’s where talk of Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race came up.

Rachel is definitely one of the former houseguests that a lot of fans had expected to see as a member of the Big Brother All-Stars 2 cast. She was pregnant at the time, though, and despite her requests to still go on the show, producers wouldn’t let her do it.

Now that she has given birth, Rachel has no immediate plans to return to the franchise, but she teased fans about still wanting to become the first two-time winner of the show. Maybe, at some point down the road, we will see Rachel play Big Brother again.

Rachel Reilly on Survivor

If Survivor were to do another season with couples or duos, Rachel has stated that she would like to do it with either her husband, Brendon Villegas, or with her sister, Elissa Slater. On different seasons of The Amazing Race, Rachel has participated with Brendon and Elissa, but they came up short of winning the $1 million prize.

In regard to their appearance on The Amazing Race, Rachel recently shared the teaser video of herself and Elissa as a way to celebrate her sister’s birthday.

She captioned the video by writing, “HAPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY ? TO MY FAV LADY MY #amazingrace partner my BFF ?‍♂️ #sistersquad #sisters LOVE THIS THROW BACK! @elissercise.”

Is Big Brother or The Amazing Race harder?

One of the other topics that Rachel touched on during her Instagram Q&A was which of the reality competition shows she has been on was the toughest. She didn’t downplay TAR, but relayed how long a season of Big Brother lasts and how difficult it is to survive an entire summer in the game. She picked Big Brother as being more difficult and it’s hard to disagree, as a typical season of TAR is only a few weeks long. Big Brother lasts nearly 100 days now.

When Rachel Reilly became the Big Brother 13 winner, she cemented herself as one of the legends of the game. Some fans didn’t enjoy watching her on the show, but there was no denying how well she played the game. It is for that reason that she would be a great person to bring back again down the road.

For now, though, most Big Brother fans want to see new faces in the house after a summer cast (Big Brother 22) that was comprised of only returning house guests.

Big Brother 23, Survivor 41 coming soon

The BB23 cast is already being constructed. It won’t be too much longer until we find out who has been selected to play the summer 2021 season.

Some great news about the Survivor 41 cast was just revealed as well, with Fiji finally opening back up for business.

With the new policies requiring casts of Big Brother and Survivor to be at least 50 percent people of color, it could be very interesting to see the newly constructed casts this summer and in fall 2021.

Big Brother and Survivor are currently on hiatus at CBS.

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