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Rachael Kirkconnell met up with The Bachelor Season 25 women during same NYC trip where she saw Matt James

Rachael Kirkconnell spotted with some of the women from the season she won.
Rachael Kirkconnell spotted with some of the women from the season she won. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor’s Rachael Kirkconnell was seen hanging out with fellow Season 25 alumni in New York City earlier this week.

While some fans are happy that the ladies are continuing to support each other, some are confused about why they are associating with Rachael after her huge controversy flipped the franchise upside down.

As fans know, Kirkconnell and her ex-boyfriend, Matt James, also had a secret rendezvous while visiting the city. So, is the cast starting to make amends with her?

The Bachelor season 25’s ladies post with Rachael Kirkconnell on social media

Week seven boot, Abigail Heringer, shared a photo on her Instagram in order to commemorate the mini-reunion.

On a rooftop with a gorgeous view of the city, former contestants Kit Keenan, Pieper James, Khaylah Epps, and Chelsea Vaughn pose with Rachael as they clink wine glasses.

In an Instagram reel on Chelsea’s account, the girls did the “Pass the Phone to…” challenge, where each person is prompted to say a fact about the person they are going to pass the phone to.

While this trend is usually used for friends to rip into each other, the Bachelor Nation ladies took another route; being nice! Pieper James prompted her pass to Kirkconnell by saying that Rachael did every girls’ eyeliner while they were filming.

Bachelor Nation’s reaction to Rachael is split

Of course, any situation having to do with Rachael’s attendance at a 2018 plantation party causes a major split in the franchise’s fandom. Although the finale season 25 showed leading man Matt James professing his love to Rachael, he broke up with her in the midst of the controversy.

When Chris Harrison defended Rachael’s actions in an interview, he was removed from his post as the show’s long-time host. So, many of the franchise’s stars have been hesitant to defend her.

On Abigail’s post, one user pointed out how many of the women were against Kirkconnell and her actions.

Pic credit: @blackdaisy007/Instagram

But other fans think that Rachael has truly been working on herself and understanding why what she did is wrong.

Some were extremely glad to see Kirkconnell on their screen again, even if it’s not the television screen.

Pic credit: @lorenasofiarg/Instagram

Most were just happy to see the ladies getting along after all the “mean girl” energy surrounding their season’s contestants.

Pic credit: @itsme_nichole_campbell/Instagram

What’s happening with Rachael and Matt James?

Yes, it is confirmed that the exes have seen each other, but not romantically. But it is also confirmed that Rachael continues to hold out hope that the two can get back together.

Most recently, Matt was accused of stringing Rachael along as he hooks up with other women in New York City when he asked

So while it seems that Rachael is returning into the good graces of her castmates, things between her and Matt may be more complicated.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.