Matt James accused of stringing Rachael Kirkconnell along while trying to hook up with another woman

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell on The Bachelor
Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell may actually be over this time Pic credit: ABC

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell sparked reconciliation rumors recently after they were spotted in New York City together. However, that may not be the case now, because Matt has been accused of trying to hook up with another woman while stringing Rachael along.

It has been reported that Matt invited Rachael to NYC to spend time with him despite being broken up. Despite claims that the meetup was platonic, Rachael has been holding out hope that she and Matt could get back together and is said to still be in love with him.

So when another woman came out and admitted that Matt was trying to spend time with her too, things got really messy for The Bachelor star.

Matt James accused of leading Rachael Kirkconnell on

On Friday night, Reality Steve went live on Instagram with claims that Matt James was doing a bit of double dipping.

He claimed that Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have been in close contact even during their breakup but that Rachael’s recent NYC trip was marred by news that he had another woman waiting in the wings.

Making matters even worse, a People magazine source claims that Matt has been telling Rachael how much he loves her and wants to work things out.

They told the outlet, “He’s been telling her he loves her and has never felt this way for anyone else before. After the scandal, he said it would take time for them to work on themselves separately, but he wanted to get back together one day and still pictured a life for them together, with a family and everything.”

The insider continued, saying that she “understood why he publicly said he couldn’t see a future with her because of what she had done and the responsibility he felt as the first Black Bachelor, and she supported him.”

So when Matt reportedly invited Rachael to fly out to see him and paid for the plane ticket, she was happy to hop on a plane. Apparently, Rachael thought the pair would be working on their relationship during this trip.

Several stories broke about Matt and Rachael’s visit, with sources claiming that the visit was entirely platonic, something that is said to have upset Rachael, who thought they were still trying to get past the scandal.

Other woman speaks out

But while Rachael Kirkconnell has been working on herself and trying to make things right with Matt James, it looks like he has been trying to keep himself busy in the company of another woman.

On Friday night, Reality Steve went live with a woman named Grace Amerling, who made many claims about her relationship with Matt.

Reality Steve initially went live by himself to spill the beans on Matt’s love life as of late. He claimed that Matt has been having daily chats, Facetimes, and professions of his love for Rachael. While, at the same time, he has been trying to hook up with Grace.

Reality Steve claimed that, right before flying from Miami to NYC to meet up with Rachael, he tried to get Grace to Miami for a booty call. Ultimately, Grace turned him down, telling Steve that she was tired and didn’t want to go.

It was also reported that Grace confronted Matt about recent reports that he and Rachael were still talking and trying to work things out, something she says Matt James denied. It was also claimed that Rachael caught wind of Matt’s contact with Grace, questioning him about it.

To make this whole Bachelor love triangle even messier, after Reality Steve went live to spill this piping hot tea, Grace texted him and asked to go live and naturally, they did just that.

During the Instagram Live session with Reality Steve and Grace, she spoke openly about how she knows Matt James, even revealing that she had quarantined with him and Tyler Cameron for some time.

So far, neither Rachael Kirkconnell nor Matt James has spoken out about the love triangle that is quickly turning into the latest Bachelor scandal. And while Matt technically wouldn’t be cheating on Rachael even if he was with Grace or anyone else, since they are not currently in a committed relationship, none of this seems to sit well with The Bachelor fans.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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