Porsha Williams tells online trolls to stop messing with her sister and mom

Porsha Williams opens up to her mother and sister while filming for RHOA.
Porsha Williams opens up to her mother and sister while filming for RHOA. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams warns the haters to back off her sister and mother.

Sunday’s RHOA episode featured a scene in which Porsha discussed her past with her sister, Lauren, and their mother. The three got real about Porsha’s mother and late father’s divorce.

The deep conversation not only drew in hatred for Porsha but for her family.

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Porsha took to Instagram Live to silence the haters once and for all.

“Some people have been going on my sister’s page and I want y’all to get the f**k off my sister’s page. Mmkay? Y’all are on my sister’s page with some bulls**t,” Porsha revealed in an Instagram Live obtained by @theshadeofatlanta.

Porsha wanted fans to know that she has had enough.

“Don’t go to my sister’s page. Don’t go to my momma’s page. Definitely don’t bring your a** on my page. Don’t come over here talking about my family, period,” Porsha warned.

She also insinuated that someone she knew created fake pages to troll on her family.

“I don’t do that. And I know, I think I have an idea who is behind these fake pages talking s**t about my family,” she added. “Trying to make my mom feel bad. Saying that my mom was trying to make my step-mom look like a side chick. No way.”

“We probably should start after the divorce, when you basically stayed with me,” said Porsha’s mom.

Porsha got some serious hate for that scene

Porsha received hate for that scene for a different reason than her mom and sister.

Later on in the scene, Porsha compares her parents’ divorce to her relationship with ex-fiance, Dennis McKinley.

Porsha explained that even though she and Dennis are no longer together, she believes that she and Dennis will be able to co-parent their daughter, PJ, well.

She even claimed that she intentionally got pregnant with him because she thought he was good father material.

“I picked him. Like, she wasn’t no mistake,” Porsha said in the scene. “I laid down and I knew what was going to happen.”

”I was like ‘oh he got his own place, he got his own business, he ain’t got no kids, oh he want marriage, oh he wanna be with me’,” Porsha explained as she opened her legs wider for each thing she listed.

Fans slammed her for sounding superficial. They also thought she was lying about Dennis’ eagerness to be a father.

Porsha is writing a book

Porsha revealed that she delved into her past to get material for her memoir.

“We probably should start after the divorce, when you basically stayed with me,” said Porsha’s mom as they sat down for the convo.

“It was just kind of confusing at first because I had my home with Mommy that felt complete, solid, and then over here with Dad, it was another home that could be complete and solid,” Porsha said of her parents’ divorce. “And why am I going in between?”

Porsha explained that even though she thought her parents co-parented her well, she thinks that her dad’s absence caused her to enter “abusive” situations.

“Unfortunately, once he died and I’m in those years of seventeen, when you start to date and all of that, he wasn’t here. He died,” Porsha recalled.

“That mindset of me just having a skeleton idea of what a man should be led me into like, seriously abusive situations,” Porsha explained.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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