Pieper James confirms she’s still in a relationship with Brendan Morais — Says BIP made them stronger

Pieper James smiles
Pieper James shares her side of the story on the Bachelor in Paradise drama. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 provided loads of drama and scandal but none more than Brendan and Pieper’s scheme at Natasha Parker’s expense. 

After footage revealed Brendan and Pieper’s desire for followers, Bachelor Nation responded by unfollowing the pair en masse as Brendan and Pieper experienced one of the biggest falls from grace in Bachelor history. 

Now, Pieper has shared her side of the story and also confirmed that, despite all the backlash, she and Brendan are still going strong as a couple. 

Pieper James says she was hurt by Brendan downplaying their relationship 

Speaking with host and Bachelor in Paradise star Becca Kufrin on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Pieper opened up about the whirlwind scandal that she and Brendan were at the center of. Becca, who is good friends with Natasha, didn’t hold back in asking Pieper important questions.

Becca called Pieper out for some of the comments she made at Natasha’s expense while on the show, including when Pieper thanked Brendan for “playing the game”. 

Becca pointed out how hurtful that comment was to Natasha and those who actually came to the beach to find love. Pieper apologized for the statements, claiming she was just making a joke. 

Pieper also said her and Brendan’s shady social media posts were just jokes as well. 

When asked about her and Brendan’s conversation regarding followers, Pieper claimed that she and Brendan did not go on the show for followers but were instead just fascinated that the public had taken so much interest in their relationship. 

Becca also asked Pieper how she felt about seeing Brendan downplay their relationship to Natasha. Before Pieper arrived in paradise, Brendan was seen telling Natasha that he has a stronger connection and deeper conversations with her over Pieper. 

Pieper admitted Brendan’s statements were hurtful and that she is still looking for Brendan to give her a direct explanation as to why he behaved the way he did. Becca warned Pieper that she should be wary of a man who won’t be upfront in their answers. 

Throughout the podcast, Pieper expressed her apologies to Natasha for what she and Brendan put her through, however, Pieper also revealed that she has yet to apologize to Natasha directly via phone or in-person which Becca encouraged her to do. 

Pieper James confirms her relationship status with Brendan Morais 

Rumors had been circulating that Pieper and Brendan broke up after Bachelor in Paradise, but Pieper has now confirmed that the two are still in a relationship and figuring things out. 

Pic credit: @bachelor.nationscoop/Instagram

Pieper stated that the BIP backlash made the couple stronger and that they’re still happy with one another.

Pieper’s news aligns with photos that have recently surfaced of Brendan and Pieper spotted out together in western MA. 

Pieper confessed that the scrutiny has been hard on her but, with Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 officially over, she does not regret her experience.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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