Bachelor in Paradise viewers slam Pieper and Brendan’s ‘shady’ and ‘snarky’ responses to Natasha drama

Brendan and Pieper film for Bachelor in Paradise
Bachelor in Paradise viewers are not having the shady social media behavior from Brendan Morais and Pieper James after admitting to dating prior to BIP. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise stars Brendan Morais and Pieper James have officially embraced their roles as the Season 7 villains, and critics are taking aim at them for their recent social media behavior.

Brendan and Pieper faced plenty of backlash after admitting they were dating prior to Bachelor in Paradise. Brendan has gotten the brunt of the criticism for leading Natasha Parker on and lying to her.

Now that the episode featuring the drama aired, instead of feeling remorseful, the two have doubled down with witty Instagram posts.

However, instead of being clever, most viewers find the posts to be insensitive and Bachelor Nation is turning on them fast.

Brendan admits he’s ‘here for the wrong reasons’

Brendan posted a picture of himself in the pool.

“Here for the wrong reasons,” he captioned the post, referencing complaints that he and Pieper were on Bachelor in Paradise for TV time rather than to date new people.

Several Bachelor Nation stars found the post amusing including Victoria Larson and Bennett Jordan.

Serena Chew even seems to be Pieper and Brendan’s one supporter, writing, “So wrong it might be right.”

Comments on Brendan Morais' Instagram post
Pic credit: @brendanmorais/Instagram

However, Bachelor in Paradise viewers are not amused and they are not holding back either.

Many viewers put down his behavior by stating Natasha could do better.

“Wow so shady,” one user commented. “Natasha can do so much better!”

Some viewers expressed they were “disappointed” in him while others called him out for being “manipulative.”

Comments on Brendan Morais' Instagram post
Pic credit: @brendanmorais/Instagram

Others simply state they were unfollowing him, causing his and Pieper’s supposed plans to go on the show to get more followers to backfire.

One viewer observed that he truly stepped into the villain edit, writing, “You really became a villain smh Brendan.”

Comments on Brendan Morais' Instagram post
Pic credit: @brendanmorais/Instagram

Pieper James says ‘all is fair in love and war’

Pieper took to the city streets to make her message.

She posed on a cobblestone path while wearing a cropped sweater and blue pants.

She simply captioned her post, “all is fair in love and war.”

Pieper got some support from Serena Chew who wrote, “AMEN,” in response to her message.

Comments on Pieper James's Instagram post
Pic credit: @pieper_james/Instagram

However, most other users didn’t seem to agree.

One critic disagreed with Pieper’s claim that “all is fair,” writing, “Not when you play with people’s emotions lol.”

Another wrote, “It’s the snarky caption for me, knowing a Black queen was played on nationals tv. This isn’t it.”

“Girl if you couldn’t afford a vacation to Mexico then just say that,” one user joked.

Comments on Pieper James's Instagram post
Pic credit: @pieper_james/Instagram

Pieper has since limited comments on her post so there’s less BIP viewer anger to parse through.

Pieper also wrote a statement on social media in an attempt to defend herself but Bachelor in Paradise viewers didn’t seem to buy it.

Viewers will get to keep watching the Brendan and Pieper drama play out on Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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