Did Brendan and Pieper break up? — Pieper shares ominous post that suggests she could be single

Brendan and Pieper frown in the car
Brendan and Pieper’s relationship may have come to an end. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan and Pieper have faced various consequences after being exposed on Bachelor in Paradise, from losing thousands of followers, to losing sponsorships, and overall developing a villainous reputation within The Bachelor franchise.

Now it seems Brendan and Pieper could have also lost their relationship, as Pieper James’ most recent post has some Bachelor in Paradise fans speculating that Pieper might be single. 

Pieper James writes a potentially telling caption 

Pieper James has received a lot of backlash on social media and most of her posts get flooded with comments criticizing her poor behavior on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Initially, it seemed Pieper and Brendan had planned to embrace the manipulative and hurtful way they “played the game” on Bachelor in Paradise since they both posted Instagram photos with snarky captions

Pieper’s caption that read “all’s fair in love and war” has since been deleted although she kept the photos up. 

Since the scandal and Pieper’s various attempts to explain her distasteful actions on the show, Pieper has now created another post with a caption that raises eyebrows.

Pieper shared a sun-kissed photo of herself wearing a cream-colored blazer and necklaces by the water. She captioned the photo “A singularity ?”

Considering “singularity” is defined as the condition of being single, Pieper’s caption has led some to believe that Pieper is subtly declaring that she and Brendan are no longer together and she’s potentially back to being single. 

Before leaving Paradise, Pieper already appeared annoyed with Brendan for presumably convincing her to come to paradise, and perhaps the fact that their scheme for more fame and followers backfired so immensely marked the beginning of the end in their relationship. 

Brendan Morais no longer follows Pieper 

While Pieper’s mysterious caption could have many different meanings, it is Brendan’s social media activity that adds fuel to the speculations that the two broke up. 

Currently, Brendan no longer follows Pieper on Instagram, which often is a sign that a couple isn’t together anymore or has hit a bump in the road. 

Interestingly, Pieper still follows Brendan so it’s possible the bad blood is one-sided in their relationship. 

Brendan unfollowing Pieper could be in response to Pieper’s past statements where she aimed to separate her actions from Brendan’s actions. 

In her statement, Pieper requested not to be compared to Brendan because they aren’t the same and suggested that she doesn’t condone Brendan’s dishonesty. However, many Bachelor in Paradise fans criticized Pieper’s response because she too behaved and spoke disrespectfully on the show and needed to be held accountable. 

Pieper’s caption about singularity could be another attempt for the trained marketer to remind the public that she is an individual and not an extension of Brendan. 

Time will tell if Brendan and Pieper are officially single due to their relationship being unable to withstand all the scrutiny. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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