Peter Weber shares adorable video of Kelley Flanagan in bed during quarantine

Peter Weber
Peter Weber shares an adorable video of Kelley Flanagan. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently in quarantine with Kelley Flanagan and Dustin Kendrick. They are staying at Kelley’s apartment.

Since they announced their time together, fans have wondered whether they are dating, but the two have not confirmed anything.

It’s no secret that they have a special bond, as they met before The Bachelor taping. Peter also kept her around until hometown dates, even though Kelley didn’t particularly enjoy the Bachelor experience.

Now, they are bonding at her apartment, and they are getting to know each other all over again.

Peter Weber shares adorable video of Kelley Flanagan in bed

While Peter and Kelley have shared videos on Tik Tok of one another, they haven’t shared a genuine moment just yet. However, that changed last night as Peter shared a video of Kelley watching something on her computer.

She’s lying in bed, and he’s filming her, smiling and having fun.

Peter and Kelley
Peter shared a video of Kelley in bed. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

“Omg she really is an attorney,” Peter captioned as part of the video, using the hashtag #chopchop. Chop Chop appears to be a nickname Peter and his family have given Kelley.

Peter and Kelley
Peter revealed Kelley watched a law news program. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

He then zoomed in on her computer, revealing she was watching a show called Lawline.

Peter Weber hasn’t confirmed that he’s dating Kelley yet

It was this week that a source spoke out about the couple’s current status.

While Peter initially denied dating Kelley in an interview, sharing that he would be lucky to get a chance with her, this new source revealed that Peter and Kelley are fully dating.

The two haven’t confirmed anything, especially after Kelley hinted that she doesn’t care about Peter’s ex-girlfriends from The Bachelor throwing shade at her.

Based on Kelley’s likes on Twitter, it sounds like she’s enjoying people’s support over the two possibly being a couple. She has liked several tweets that people have written about them being a couple.

Some people even write that Kelley is the best thing that has come from The Bachelor franchise last season, as Peter’s ending didn’t turn out as he had expected.

If these two are a couple after all, maybe Peter will get engaged to Kelley when the time is right.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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