Peter Weber scares fans with new bandage on his face during California trip

Peter Weber
Peter Weber scares fans with a new photo of his face. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently in California with Kelley Flanagan as the two took a quick trip to visit his parents.

While there, they are exploring the outdoors and spending some quality time together.

Suddenly, Peter shared a video on Instagram from a car. He was wearing a huge bandage on his face, covering almost half of his forehead.

It looked shocking, especially since the video he shared earlier on Instagram showed him jumping on a log in the woods.

But as it turns out, the bandage and the wound underneath was planned.

Peter Weber scares fans with a photo of his face

In the first video, Peter says hi to his fans and asks them if they want to see what is underneath the big bandage. He starts to lift it a big but then says, “Nah…” and then the video ends.

Apparently, fans reached out to him, worrying about his face. It must have been a considerable number of people, as he needed to set the record straight.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber showed off his new bandage. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

About 10 minutes later, Peter made another video, this time without the bandage. As it turns out, the scar doesn’t look that bad.

He reveals that he did not get injured once again.

Instead, he just had some treatment done to the scar he received during The Bachelor filming.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber later clarified his wound. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

“I just had a little micro-needling thing done,” Peter explained in the Instagram video, adding, “Life’s good.”

He also told his fans not to worry about him as he’s doing good. It sounds like the treatment was planned.

As Monsters & Critics reported, Peter and Kelley took a non-essential trip to Los Angeles, which didn’t sit well with fans.

People are being asked to stay home, and even though Peter works as a pilot, Kelley had no reason to travel to Los Angeles with him.

Peter Weber got injured while filming The Bachelor

The scar that Peter was treating was one he got while filming The Bachelor.

The incident wasn’t shown as part of the show but was shown during a deleted clip, where Chris Harrison mocked Peter’s actions in a hilarious spin.

Peter hit his head on a golf car and then split his head open.

He then cut his forehead on several cocktail glasses. He was rushed to the emergency room for stitches but continued filming The Bachelor that same week.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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