Peter Weber reveals he and Kelley Flanagan have talked since meeting up in February

Peter Weber
Peter Weber has been talking to Kelley Flanagan since the Super Bowl. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber broke things off with Kelley Flanagan between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in a Bachelor shocker.

Peter and Kelley started dating during the quarantine after Peter had sent Kelley home during Week 6 of the show.

The two had met one another before the show, so they had a history together. Despite trying to make it work with plans to move to New York City together, the relationship ended.

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But the sparks may still be flying — even if it is just a little bit.

Peter Weber reveals he’s cordial with Kelley Flanagan

Peter and Kelley were spotted together in Tampa Bay last week, both in town for the Super Bowl.

A source told US Weekly that them being together in Tampa Bay didn’t mean that they had reconciled.

“They aren’t back together,” the source revealed, adding, “Peter and Kelley have been communicating since they both went their separate ways after the Super Bowl.”

According to US Weekly, this appears to be backed up by Peter’s own statements in a Zoom call, which was shared by a Bachelor Nation fan account on Instagram.

“I’d not seen her since … for a couple of months actually, since things ended,” Peter said during the Zoom call. “But I did see her and it was a good meeting, for sure. We are on good terms, I will tell you guys that.”

The source confirmed to US Weekly that they are cordial and on good terms. As for them getting back together, the source didn’t have an answer.

Peter Weber seemingly broke up with Kelley Flanagan

We know very little about their breakup. Based on the breakup messages, it appeared as if Peter broke things off with Kelley but that she had seen it coming.

Sources have shared that Peter regretted breaking up with Kelley and wanted to fix their issues.

But their actions appear to tell a different story. Just weeks before seeing each other at the Super Bowl, they supposedly unfollowed each other on social media.

If Peter did break up with Kelley, she could be so heartbroken that she has no plans of taking him back. Kelley has been silent about her true feelings towards Peter as a future boyfriend, but right now, it appears they are cordial — at least in public.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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