Peter Weber has heard The Bachelor ending theories and here’s what he said about it

Peter Weber
Peter Weber talks about the theories about the ending of his season. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber has bragged that his season of the show remains unspoiled.

The finale is just one week away, and no one knows for sure what happens yet.

Tonight, the Women Tell All special will air, where the focus will be on the past events of the season, including conversations with Victoria Fuller, Kelsey Weier, and Peter himself.

However, Peter has yet to let anything slip in terms of the outcome. Fans are also still curious as to who his mom was referring to when she was crying for him to not “let her go.”

Now, he’s responding to some theories that surfaced, and he can only laugh at some of them.

Peter Weber calls theories crazy

In an interview with ET, Peter reveals that the theories about the ending of his season are crazy. He also adds that people should tune in to see what really happens.

The interviewer also asks him who his mother is referring to, and Peter willingly throws out some theories, including Hannah Brown.

Watch the interview below.

When the interviewer asks him about his girlfriend, the proposal, his final pick, and more, to get him to spill the beans, Peter jokingly asks if she means Julie LaPlaca.

Peter Weber talks Julie LaPlaca — several times

Throughout the interview, Peter talks about Madison, Hannah Ann, and Victoria F — the three remaining women on the show. However, he also references Julie LaPlaca, the producer he has been linked to.

Her name comes up several times, but Peter seems to think it’s all a big joke. Since he’s joking about them being together, he clearly isn’t dating her.

While Reality Steve has called the rumor false and has hinted that the whole thing is ridiculous, ABC producers appear to have fun with it.

ABC senior vice president Rob Mills joked about the rumor, saying he wouldn’t get in the way of a good rumor and didn’t provide any clarity when asked about it.

Chris Harrison didn’t make it better when he called Peter’s relationship with Julie, an “intimate relationship,” revealing that people grow close throughout filming because they spend so much time together.

Since this rumor has been so big throughout this season, Chris Harrison could bring it up on After The Final Rose so that they can squash it once and for all.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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