Reality Steve addresses rumor that Peter Weber ran off with producer during filming

The Bachelor
Did The Bachelor Peter Weber run off with a producer? Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber may be one of the most controversial Bachelor stars yet, because of his decisions throughout filming.

And one of the biggest reasons why people aren’t digging him is because he keeps bragging about his unspoiled season.

Now, there’s a new rumor about the outcome and this rumor involved a Bachelor producer.

Apparently, people seem to think that Peter is dating producer Julie LaPlaca, because the two of them are often seen together and she’s posting photos of him on her social media.

But there’s one important person who doesn’t see it that way.

Peter Weber is not dating a producer

Reality Steve, who spoils seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, reveals that the rumor is nothing but garbage. On Twitter, he revealed that the rumor makes zero sense and that people are desperately trying to crack the code as to who Peter chose.

But the producer isn’t the one.

An article from Women’s Health Magazine outlines a theory as to how all of the pieces fit together. This theory includes everything from locations after filming wrapped, where Julie was in Australia and Peter’s mom saying “bring her home,” to the theory that Chris Harrison’s comment that “anything can happen” apparently includes Peter ditching the ladies for a producer.

When a follower pointed out that it could be a possibility because Steve hadn’t spoiled the season just yet, Steve revealed that he didn’t care what people thought. He knows that Peter isn’t with Julie.

One of the supposed clues is right on her Instagram. The two of them were reportedly in Times Square together on New Year’s Eve.

She’s posing in a photo and many of her followers claim that Peter is right there in the background and that this photo just proves they are together, but hiding it.

Peter Weber’s unspoiled season has nothing to do with pregnancy either

In late January, there was a rumor that Peter may have gotten one of the contestants pregnant during filming, which is why the season remains unspoiled. It’s also been shared that Peter’s ending is not a traditional one as viewers know it.

The rumor hinted that Peter needed to sort things out with the pregnancy because it influenced his final decision. But Reality Steve has revealed that this rumor is nothing but pure fiction. Peter did not get anyone pregnant, according to his sources.

As of this moment, Peter’s final outcome has yet to be spoiled.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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