Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan says no one wants to see them together — Did they just confirm their relationship?

Peter and Kelley
Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan just posted a Tik Tok that could confirm their relationship. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber has lived with Kelley Flanagan since the quarantine began. He surprised everyone by showing up with Kelley in Chicago.

He was quarantined with his best friend Dustin Kendrick as well, as they all lived at Kelley’s 3-bedroom apartment.

For weeks, fans have wanted them to be open and honest about their relationship, but they haven’t confirmed anything.

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Unlike Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron, who quarantined together and then confirmed they were single, Peter and Kelley are playing the private card.

But now, they want the world to know something.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan share video with a firm message

Last night, Peter and Kelley shared a Tik Tok on Peter’s account. They were singing a song by Akon called Nobody Wants To See Us Together.

In the video, they were singing together, sending a message to the world.

“Nobody wants to see us together, but it don’t matter, no,” they sing, and then add, “cuz I got you.”



♬ original sound – _lilo_stich_

In the end, they pointed to one another, saying “cuz I got you,” hinting that it doesn’t matter what the world or his previous Bachelor flings believe or think – they have each other and that’s all they need.

Both Peter and Kelley have been shaded for spending time together in quarantine. Madison Prewett recently revealed that she was shocked to find out that Peter and Kelley were together in Chicago, as he had texted her two days prior, supposedly telling her that he loved her and wanted to give it a second chance.

In another interesting twist, Kelley had previously joked about Dustin leaving the apartment as if they wanted time alone together.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan could start a romance in quarantine

This could be Peter and Kelley’s way of confirming that they are in a relationship. It was just last week that a source came forward, saying that they were indeed fully dating.

But what about Dustin? Are they going for a relationship with Dustin in the apartment?

The last time Dustin posted a photo is almost two weeks ago, as they created a Cajun seafood buffet. Dustin lives in Chicago, so he could have gone home to his own place to give Peter and Kelley some time alone to bond.

One thing is for sure – that Tik Tok video has fans curious about their relationship and they are watching Peter and Kelley more than ever.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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