Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan take flirting to the next level — Kelley asks Dustin to leave her apartment

Peter Weber
Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan turn up their flirting game. Pic credit: ABC

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan continue to quarantine together in her Chicago apartment. The two are staying there with Dustin Kendrick.

Dustin is Peter’s best friend and the three have been hanging out together, cooking meals, and doing Tik Tok videos to stay sane.

But Peter and Kelley’s videos are starting to take on a more flirty tone, one that fans have been hoping for.

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Now, Kelley is joking that she wants Dustin to leave the quarantine, so she and Peter can stay together alone.

Peter Weber shared a video of Kelley asking Dustin to leave the quarantine

The video was shared on Peter’s Instagram account. The video, which is a voice-over, essentially asks Dustin to leave and go home. Dustin, who lives in Chicago, could probably go home rather easily.

In the video, Peter laughs and appears uncomfortable with the ask, as Dustin slowly realizes what Kelley is joking about.

Peter and Dustin
Peter and Dustin react to Kelley’s Tik Tok. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

She used the caption, “We love you Dusty.” In the video, she also had a smaller caption that read, “When his best friend won’t leave.”

In addition to that video, Peter also shared a Tik Tok video of him jumping on Kelley with the caption, “girl, why are you playin wit me?”


Girl, why are you playin wit me @kelleyflanagan

♬ original sound – pilot_pete

But that’s not all.

Peter Weber turns up the romance on IG

On Instagram, Peter has also been sharing some music that he’s been listening to during quarantine. And one of these songs has an interesting message.

The song is called If You’re Meant To Come Back by Justin Jesso.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber shared a romantic song on Instagram. Pic credit: @pilot_pete/Instagram

Given he came back to Kelley after he sent her packing on The Bachelor, it seems to fit their current situation.

It’s no wonder that fans are wondering if these two are moving forward in the dating department. Even Dustin has revealed he wants them to date.

Peter and Kelley’s posts are starting to take a more flirty tone. Kelley shared a video of her, Peter and Dustin in bed. In the video, Peter is spooning and cuddling Kelley, while she’s laughing.

Peter briefly left quarantine to go to work, as air travel is considered an essential business. However, as soon as he was done work, he returned to quarantine at Kelley’s apartment in Chicago.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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