Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan cuddle up in bed with Dustin in flirty new post

Peter Weber
Peter Weber cuddled with Kelley Flanagan in bed. Pic credit: © Nelson

The Bachelor star Peter Weber continues to be in quarantine with former contestant, Kelley Flanagan. The two have quarantined together since the stay-at-home order was put in place.

While they didn’t open up about being in quarantine together, it wasn’t revealed until they were out for a walk in Chicago, where Peter was caught lifting Kelley up, and spinning her around.

Fans were furious about them not practicing social distancing at the time, but after they announced they were indeed quarantining together, fans then started pushing for something to happen.

Since then, Peter and Kelley have done a good handful of Tik Tok videos, and fans are hoping that the two are rekindling their romance once again.

In fact, the outcome of The Bachelor and Kelley’s elimination has been up for discussion in Kelley’s Chicago apartment.

Peter Weber, Kelley, and Dustin are having too much fun in quarantine together

While Peter and Kelley haven’t really shared any updates that could hint they are pursuing a relationship, Kelley did share an interesting update on Instagram yesterday.

In the Instagram Live video, she’s in bed with both Peter and Dustin.

Peter Weber
Peter Weber cuddled up with Kelley and Dustin. Pic credit: @kelleyflanagan/Instagram

In the video, Peter is lying behind Kelley and spooning her, and Dustin is lying on top of her. She’s laughing as they won’t leave her alone. Peter appears to be begging her to wash something.

This is the first time that Kelley and Peter are seen cuddling together, even though Dustin was present too. In their Tik Tok videos, they are usually separated and joking around.

Peter Weber and Kelley continue to bicker over Bachelor outcome

The three of them are quarantining together, and Dustin has previously made remarks about being the awkward third wheel. He has also revealed that he hopes Peter and Kelley will date down the line.

Peter briefly left quarantine to go work last weekend, but he flew back to Kelley to continue his quarantine as soon as he finished.

While hanging out, The Bachelor could be a topic of discussion, as they have joked about it in their Tik Tok videos.

The two bicker about him not picking her as his wife on The Bachelor, including in one video where Peter asks Kelley to make him food.

When she asks him whether he made her his wife, he admits he didn’t, to which she replies she isn’t going to make him food.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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