Peter Weber admits to struggling in school, Kelley Flanagan and his mom chime in

Peter Weber
Peter Weber admits he struggled in school. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Peter Weber is currently dating Kelley Flanagan. He is also trying to balance the quarantine guidelines put out by the government.

He has already broken the rules a few times. He didn’t practice social distancing at the beginning of the quarantine and then took a non-essential trip with Kelley to Los Angeles.

However, he is currently in California with his parents and Kelley. While there, he’s been showing her around.

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Now, it seems like he wants to tell fans about his struggles in school.

As it turns out, many Bachelor fans can relate, including a fellow Bachelor Nation star.

Peter Weber reveals he struggled in school

In his newest Instagram post, Peter revealed he found school to be tough, so he went to Sylvan, a common learning academy for children who struggle with reading.

“School was tough, then Sylvan helped me read better!” Peter wrote on Instagram, sharing the company’s slogan.

It didn’t take long for Bachelor Nation to weigh in, including his new girlfriend, Kelley.

“Thank god they helped you, you know I only like nerds,” she joked on the post.

Even Peter’s mom Barbara chimed in with, “So proud of you!!!”

John Paul Jones also chimed in with, “same,” revealing he had also struggled.

The post had 62,950 likes at the time of this reporting. Several people commented on the post, saying that they couldn’t wait to see what Bachelor-related Instagram accounts would say about this post.

Either way, it sounds like he has the support of his fellow Bachelorette co-star John Paul Jones, who went through the same program.

Peter Weber is currently with Kelley Flanagan in California

These days, Kelley and Peter are keeping a low profile as they are spending time together. Despite meeting before The Bachelorette in a hotel lobby, their relationship is still somewhat new.

In a recent Cameo for a fan, Peter revealed that he believes that his romance with Kelley was always meant to be. He referred to a saying that this grandmother would always say.

“No matter what happens, let the waters run. That’s essentially what it says in Spanish,” Peter explained.

He isn’t hiding his feelings for Kelley, either. In fact, Peter recently said that he still has seven more months left of 2020 to make this the best year ever now that he is with Kelley.

For now, the two may be talking about where to settle down. Kelley works as a lawyer in Chicago, while Peter lives with his parents in California.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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