Peter Madrigal roasts Raquel Leviss for using him to hide Tom Sandoval affair

Peter Madrigal on the red carpet.
Vanderpump Rules star Peter Madrigal has choice words for Raquel Leviss. Pic credit: © Hasegawa /

“Scandoval” happened earlier this month, but not everyone involved is at peace with how things turned out.

Vanderpump Rules star Peter Madrigal isn’t happy to be dragged into the biggest scandal on the Bravo show — and there have been many.

Raquel Leviss began Season 10 by casually seeing Peter. It was her first time with someone else after she and James Kennedy ended their engagement at the Season 9 reunion.

While she seemed into him, she complained about seeing him behind his back and ended things after Lisa Vanderpump warned her about hooking up with people she works with.

However, her comments on Watch What Happens Live about him just days before her affair with Tom Sandoval was made public, upsets Peter. He also doesn’t like how Raquel could sit in Ariana Madix’s presence while sleeping with her long-term boyfriend.

It is an entire mess that Peter didn’t get to speak about as he was not part of the Vanderpump Rules reunion that shot on March 23.

Peter Madrigal goes hard on Raquel Leviss

Peter Madrigal spoke with Hollywood Life about Raquel Leviss and what “Scandoval” has done.

He didn’t go light on the SURver, who made a mess of things and literally lost every single one of her friends from Vanderpump Rules.

Peter said of Raquel and Tom Sandoval, “They dragged me into the whole thing. I was used as a scapegoat. I was used to cover up this illicit affair.”

The Vanderpump Rules personality revealed that he believes the affair was possibly happening before Season 10 began filming based on how the events played out. Currently, it’s believed the affair was ongoing for six to seven months.

As for the “start pony” comments, Peter believes Tom had a hand in that. He believes Tom is upset because he made out with Raquel while they were hooking up.

There is no going back for Peter regarding Tom and Raquel. He unfollowed them and didn’t want to associate with people like that.

What happened at the Vanderpump Rules Season 10 reunion?

Peter Madrigal confirmed he was not asked to participate in the Season 10 reunion, despite his relationship with Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval. He could have added something to the conversation, especially after she publicly dissed him.

Some intense confrontations occurred during the filming, and a brawl nearly broke out between two cast members.

What Raquel and Tom did affected almost everyone in the friend group and even a few outside of it. Everything came out and more likely needed to be said.

The reunion should air at the end of April or early May.

Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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