Pauly D talks Jersey Shore sex tapes and whether or not the show is scripted

Pauly DelVecchio on Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
Jersey Shore’s Pauly DelVecchio shares details that fans may not know about filming Jersey Shore. Pic credit: MTV

Pauly “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio recently opened up and shared some secrets about filming Jersey Shore over the last decade.

He appeared on the Full Send podcast and talked about what it was like being cast for the show and the early days of filming.

Pauly reminisced on how he first got involved with MTV and filmed the first season of Jersey Shore. He said that he was DJing several nights a week at the time when a producer contacted him on his MySpace page.

He wasn’t sure what to think of it and didn’t know if it was legitimate but decided to share his number with them and give the producers a chance.

Pauly described how a camera crew came to follow him around for the day and filmed everything he did from getting ready in the morning, to hitting the gym and even to some of his local DJ gigs.

He said that he had no idea what he had signed up for when he first arrived at the shore house and admitted that none of them got paid to film until the show became a hit and got picked up for a second season.

Pauly D shares Jersey Shore sex tapes exist

In addition to talking about getting his start with Jersey Shore, Pauly shared some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets that fans may not otherwise know.

One of those secrets included that the camera crew was constantly filming. This meant that everything, even their most intimate moments, was caught on tape.

Pauly even joked at one point and said, “Those are our sex tapes. There’s a lot of them.”

He added, “I want to sell those someday.”

Fans will recall several nights where the cast took people home after nights out at the club, and Pauly admitted there was a lot of footage of that nature.

Was Jersey Shore scripted?

In addition to dishing on the raunchy escapades that the camera crew filmed, Pauly set the record straight that the earlier seasons of Jersey Shore were not scripted.

He compared filming the current season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation to filming the housewives franchise on Bravo.

Pauly shared, “There’s no script, but they’re like, ‘Alright, call Vinny right now and ask him how he feels about whatever.’ But there’s no script.”

He also added that they aren’t followed around 24-7 like they were at the shore house. Instead, they have set times for filming and are now able to showcase what their life is like outside of when the whole group gets together.

Pauly seemed grateful for all of the opportunities he’s received from filming, especially the exposure to his DJ skills.

This season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, fans will get a glimpse into Pauly’s touring life as he travels across the country to perform at different venues and brings his girlfriend Nikki Hall along for the ride.

To keep up with everything going on with Pauly and the rest of the gang, fans should tune in to new episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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