Paul Staehle tells Domenick Nati that he keeps Karine Martins’ 2018 miscarried baby in a jar in the fridge

paul staehle from 90 day fiance
During an interview with Domenick Nati, Paul reveals that he and Karine keep the body of their miscarried child in a jar in their fridge. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance star Paul Staehle revealed that the body of their miscarried child is in a jar that the couple keeps in their fridge.

During an interview with Domenick Nati, Paul delved into the many details surrounding his life and marriage to wife, Karine Martins.

Paul didn’t shy away from sharing intimidate details about their lives, including parenting their first son, Pierre, and the fact that Karine meets up with other men, but he ensures to conduct background checks on them.

Paul also sticks to his claims that the couple hasn’t been fired from 90 Day Fiance, and that production is giving them space to focus on their family.

Paul and Karine’s miscarriage was documented on 90 Day Fiance

Back in 2018, Paul and Karine experienced the devastating loss of their first pregnancy. The sad moment was documented by 90 Day Fiance.

At the time, the couple was experiencing some relationship issues. They were at a breaking point when Karine found out that she was pregnant with what would have been the couple’s first child together.

With the revelation of her pregnancy, Karine and Paul decided to put their issues aside to figure out how they could come together and be a family.

However, shortly after their reconciliation, they received troubling news. During a routine ultrasound it was discovered that the baby had some abnormalities and, as a result, the pregnancy ended in miscarriage.

Paul admits they keep the baby’s body in their fridge

During his interview with Domenick, Paul is asked, “With your miscarried child, did you do something with the body? Is that correct?”

“Yes,” Paul responds. He then delves into an explanation that these sensitive matters are handled differently in Brazil than they are in America.

He states that the hospital provided Karine with the body of their miscarried child as a means of helping her cope with the loss.

“We do need to do a burial,” Paul admits.

When Domenick asks where the body is now, Paul confesses that the body is currently kept in their refrigerator.

Domenick then asks if he and the Instagram live viewers can see the body.

“You wanna see it?” Paul laughs nervously.

“It’s got tape around the jar so you can’t see the inside. So, that’s good. This is the jar,” Paul says as he shows the jar to the camera.

“It’s inside here. But we need to do a burial,” he continues. Paul then explains that he believes it would be best to bury the baby either with Karine’s grandmother or at the plot where her parents will eventually be buried.

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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