Paige DeSorbo opens up about relationship with Southern Charm’s Craig Conover

Paige DeSorbo selfie.
Paige DeSorbo opened up about her relationship with Craig Conover. Pic credit: @paige_desorbo/Instagram

Paige DeSorbo made her debut as Craig Conover’s girlfriend on Season 8 of Southern Charm.

The two met when Bravo debuted Winter House, which included Craig and Austen Kroll from Southern Charm thrown into a house with some cast members of Summer House.

It provided plenty of drama, but the timing wasn’t quite right when Paige and Craig met initially.

That changed, and the two went public with their relationship last October.

She gets him, and it’s been interesting to see Craig open up more this season and feel comfortable in every way.

Things are moving fast between the two, which was noticeable when he almost slipped and said he loved her while in Charlotte with Shep Rose and Austen.

Paige DeSorbo reveals hardest part of dating Craig Conover

Things are still relatively new between Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover, as they haven’t even been together a year yet.

Despite the timeline, it seems the two are a match made in heaven. She supports his passions, and he supports hers.

Paige talked to E! News about their relationship, saying, “It’s definitely hard for you to know that there’s hundreds of thousands of people that have opinions on your relationship.”

She continued, “But you have to remember I don’t know Jessica in Iowa who hates me and my boyfriend, and I’ll probably never meet her. So, why am I going to let what she said hurt my feelings?”

The struggle they both know from being on reality TV is something that brings them together– this was their life before meeting, so finding someone who understands how things work helped a lot.

Craig has even developed some new habits, thanks to Paige. She revealed that he uses facial moisturizer and face masks since they began dating.

Craig Conover looks more comfortable with Paige DeSorbo

Southern Charm viewers watched Craig Conover crash and burn in his relationship with Naomie Olindo on the show. Their relationship and breakup weren’t healthy and she didn’t support his pillow business, which took a big toll.

The irony is because Naomie split from Metul Shah, she is back on Southern Charm. She and Craig even hooked up following her breakup, which was discussed earlier this season.

Paige DeSorbo is who Craig needed, and now that they are together, it seems all is well with the Bravo stars.

Will Paige join Craig at the Season 8 Southern Charm reunion? That remains to be seen.

Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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