Olivia Kaiser from The Challenge gets advice about Nelson Thomas showmance from OG

olivia kaiser in the challenge season 38 confessional scene
Olivia Kaiser during MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies season. Pic credit: MTV

Olivia Kaiser is one of the exciting rookies to debut in MTV’s The Challenge: Ride or Dies, where she arrived on the show teamed up with another promising newcomer, Horacio Gutierrez.

Both rookies excelled in the competition upon their arrival and also got the attention of castmates, who became interested in them.

Olivia originally debuted on CBS’ Love Island, which she won alongside Korey Gandy, although the two didn’t last beyond the show.

When she arrived on The Challenge, she caught the eye of veteran castmate Nelson Thomas, and the two began flirting before entering into a showmance.

However, in one episode, things took an interesting turn when Nelson had to choose between Olivia and one of his best friends in the game and opted to save his friend rather than his love interest on the show.

That had viewers suggesting that Olivia needed to ditch Nelson, which she apparently did after filming ended. Now, one of The Challenge OGs has weighed in with some advice about relationships for the Ride or Dies rookie.

The Challenge OG gives Olivia advice about showmance

In a recent thread on Twitter, Challenge OG Jemmye Carroll blasted some Ride or Dies teams while showing support for others. One team she praised was Olivia and Horacio as the “rookies of the year.”

However, she mentioned that Olivia needed to steer clear of Nelson and gave her some additional advice about dating reality TV guys.

“As your elder, take this advice from me. Stay away from reality tv men: they all have Peter Pan syndrome. Get you a fine, rich man with a 401k & a regular respectable job… There only needs to be one star in the relationship & that’s you honey,” Jemmye tweeted.

That prompted Olivia to reply with three crying laughing emojis, showing she received the message.

jemmye carroll tweets olivia
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Jemmye followed her tweet up with further advice, telling Olivia to “especially stay away from reality tv men from dating shows” because “They all belong in hell.”

“Thanks momma,” Olivia replied with a kissy face emoji.

the challenge jemmye tweets olivia about nelson reality tv
Pic credit: @JustJem24/Twitter

Olivia said she ended showmance after Ride or Dies

However, things didn’t appear quite so serious between them in a recent episode of the show, as Nelson was forced to make a difficult choice whether to save Olivia or his friend Faysal Shafaat.

After pulling the “Safe” dagger at The Draw, Nelson chose to keep Faysal and his teammate, Nurys Mateo, safe from elimination, which meant Olivia and Horacio went into the matchup.

Even with that, Olivia seemed to understand Nelson’s decision when she returned to The Challenge house, and the two were back on track.

However, things must have fizzled between them, as Olivia revealed she had to put Nelson in the friend zone after filming had ended.

It’s currently unknown what caused things not to work out, but those details could be on the way when a Ride or Dies reunion films and airs on MTV.

Either way, Olivia has now received some advice she can use regarding her love life and knows to be careful when it comes to her interest in reality TV castmates.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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