Olajuwon Dickerson slammed for table etiquette gaffe

Olajuwon Dickerson
Olajuwon Dickerson gets MAFS viewers buzzing after dinner with Katina Goode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Olajuwon Dickerson has been one of the more polarizing figures on Married at First Sight Season 14.

The former athlete has faced scrutiny online, particularly for the way he appears to think he’s superior to his wife, Katina Goode.

MAFS critics quickly pointed out a table etiquette mistake that Olajuwon made in the latest episode, feeling the gaffe exposed the MAFS star’s lack of sophistication.

MAFS viewers find Olajuwon Dickerson’s carafe gaffe ironic

The latest episode of Married at First Sight saw Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode have their last romantic dinner before Decision Day.

During the fancy dinner, Olajuwon drank wine from a carafe, which is a glass container meant to pour wine or water into separate glasses rather than be consumed out of directly. 

While the mistake itself is innocent on the surface, MAFS viewers found the blunder ironic, considering how often Olajuwon arrogantly emphasized that he is more advanced and knowledgeable than Katina. 

Photos of Olajuwon sipping from the carafe circulated across social media, with MAFS fans giving their take on how the error reflected a more significant issue with Olajuwon. 

One critic wrote, “I’m over here weeeeeeeak. The guy talmbout he doesn’t want to be a teacher to Katina…drinking wine from the carafe. He ain’t as elevated as he thinks he is, and this shot captures that.”

Another viewer tweeted, “The man who wants a woman to be at his level thought the carafe was a glass! Katina girl RUN! You’re way above his insecure ‘level’!!!”

A MAFS critic pointed out the irony of Olajuwon drinking from the carafe after boasting about all his life skills. Another fan referred to Olajuwon as a Know-It-All, writing, “Wow Mr. Now it All doesn’t have any table etiquette…what a surprise.”

Olajuwon Dickerson’s classiness is called into question

Olajuwon’s dinner etiquette created a buzz about if he’s as aware as he thinks he is. A MAFS viewer threw shade at Olajuwon’s intelligence, writing, “I just witnessed this man drink out of the single pour wine carafe and I have no more questions about his education or intelligence.”

Another commented in reference to Olajuwon’s incorrect pronunciation of the word ‘gondola’ in a previous episode, tweeting, “Olajuwon in a nutshell. I just wish he go back in a ‘granola’ and float away.”

Finally, one MAFS viewer was annoyed by Olajuwon’s table etiquette error and found the MAFS star’s classiness to be insincere. Their tweet read, “Olajuwon sipping the pour from the carafe instead of pouring it into the glass that is definitely on his table annoys me. He wants so bad to appear classy but just can’t.” 

After Olajuwon’s carafe gaffe, many MAFS viewers felt Olajuwon should show more grace to his wife Katina instead of nitpicking her every move since he also has things to learn. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Sheila Deveau
Sheila Deveau
1 year ago

He thinks he’s way above Katina’s level which is quite obvious he is not……RUN girl and leave his sorry ass behind….He’s taken your voice and your name away…he’s forever calling you ” his wife” baby girl, you Have a name….STAND up and use it….Cheers