Jamie Otis feels bad for Katina Goode, suggests Olajuwon Dickerson’s behavior is ‘abuse’ 

Jamie Otis
Jamie Otis reacts to a recent clip of Olajuwon Dickerson on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode have gotten into some fiery fights on Married at First Sight Season 14, and a MAFS veteran has weighed in. 

Married at First Sight Season 1 star Jamie Otis reacted to some questionable statements Olajuwon made regarding his marriage with Katina and expert Dr. Pepper. 

Jamie appeared to wholly side with Katina Goode as she alluded to Olajuwon Dickerson’s red flags. 

Jamie Otis addresses Olajuwon Dickerson’s harmful treatment of Katina Goode 

Married at First Sight is trying something unique in the upcoming episode in that there appears to be a scene where the experts secretly listen in on the couples’ group discussion. 

Married at First Sight’s Instagram page shared a clip from the episode where Olajuwon ends up in hot water over his disparaging comments toward Dr. Pepper while she and Pastor Cal listen from afar. 

The clip begins with Olajuwon saying, “I’m not gonna tiptoe around nobody. I don’t do that.”

Olajuwon then shared with the other couples that Dr. Pepper had some concerns about his relationship with Katina. The longtime expert suggested Olajuwon belittles Katina and thinks he’s superior to her. 

Olajuwon expressed thinking that Dr. Pepper had it all wrong and was mistaking his talkative personality for being belittling. Olajuwon even asked Katina if she felt belittled but Katina remained silent in the clip. 

As Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal watched the conversation from a screen, Olajuwon states, “Dr. Pepper’s, did it help me? Not at all. 90% of it was a waste. I’m gonna be honest with you. Feed something that’s gonna help my marriage, not keep bringing negative s**t to us.”

The clip ends with Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper showing up to confront the couples and Olajuwon reacting as though he’d been caught red-handed. 

Jamie Otis commented on the clip with her thoughts. 

Jamie wrote, “I feel so freakin’ bad for Katina… abuse isn’t always physical…,” and added a red flag emoji to emphasize Olajuwon’s problematic behavior further. 

Married at First Sight Season 12 star Briana Myles also reacted to the clip, commenting, “Whew!” 

Jamie Otis' comment
Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Olajuwon Dickerson called out by Dr. Viviana 

It looks like Olajuwon is in for some humbling from experts Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper, and he’s also received some criticism from Dr. Viviana in the past as well.

During a session with Olajuwon and Katina, Dr. Viviana confronted Olajuwon on his rigid views of what a wife should be and even suggested that he’s bound to have several divorces if he doesn’t adjust his outlook on marriage. 

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Dr. Viviana also suggested that Olajuwon needed a reality check on social media. 

Do you agree with the experts about Olajuwon’s belittling behavior? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

She’s very humble and wants to be his wife all he seems to want is a maid He’s an asinine jerk

Diane Kerkhoff
Diane Kerkhoff
2 years ago

He has a very archaic vision of what a “wife”. He says out loud that he is respectful but he is not! He belittles her and she recoils. Emotional abuse can be subtle but this is on full display. Katina deserves better.

2 years ago

Katina deserve to be loved. She is a beautiful person. I hope she says NO on decision day. Something is weird about her husband.

2 years ago

He’s a monster. I can see his evil cut-downs turning into physical abuse. I’m no fan of Katina, her racist attitude shined through earlier, but no one deserves to be treated like this man treats her.

2 years ago

I agree abusive . First thing is is method of isolation being don’t listen to anyone else , only me . He’s a ticking time bomb