MAFS: Dr. Viviana admits Olajuwon needed a ‘reality check’ in latest episode, viewers chime in

Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson
Dr. Viviana held Olajuwon Dickerson accountable in a recent episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode met up with Dr. Viviana on the latest episode of Married at First Sight and the longtime expert did not hold back when confronting Olajuwon’s rigid views of what his wife should be. 

After the emotional session with Olajuwon and Katina, Dr. Viviana further elaborated on her thoughts about the couple on social media. 

Married at First Sight viewers also weighed in with their take on Olajuwon and the way he appears to be breaking Katina’s spirit. 

Dr. Viviana gives Olajuwon Dickerson a necessary reality check 

From the very first episode, Olajuwon has made a big deal about wanting a wife that cooks and cleans and he has been vocal about Katina not living up to his standards for a wife. Olajuwon’s definition of a wife has been a point of contention for the couple, with Katina even breaking down in tears several times over Olajuwon’s harsh pressing of the issue. 

Naturally, Dr. Viviana wanted to address this with the couple during their session and she bluntly explained to Olajuwon that his views of marriage and a wife are flimsy, archaic, and will result in him being divorced several times. 

Dr. Viviana reshared a clip from the session to her Instagram page and endorsed the caption which read, “O really needs this reality check from [Doctor Viviana].” 

Dr. Viviana also broke down what she thinks is at the root of Olajuwon’s behavior with Katina in a tweet.

Dr. Viviana tweeted, “#MAFSOlajuwon just realized that he is scared that he cares more about Katina than she does about him and has setup a gauge for her to show him, but forgot about all the other ways she shows him.  Katina didn’t realize this. Now that they are both aware…?”

Dr. Viviana tweet
Pic credit: @DoctorViviana/Twitter

MAFS viewers offer up their thoughts on Olajuwon Dickerson 

MAFS viewers had a lot to say about Olajuwon and his treatment of Katina and they shared their thoughts under Dr. Viviana’s post. 

One MAFS critic wrote, “It’s called mental abuse.”

A separate commenter wrote, “He’s been a red flag from the beginning.” 

A MAFS fan replied, “He is breaking her down. So sad to watch,”

Another wrote, “That guy has serious relationship issues. Please talk with this man. Love what you do though.” 

One MAFS viewer asked, “How come neither of them have asked him ‘what do YOU bring to the marriage? What do YOU bring to the table as a husband?’”

Another MAFS fan remained skeptical of Olajuwon writing, “He really does act like he’s doing her a favor. He’s so full of himself and I don’t buy that little emotional moment he had.”

Dr. Viviana's comment section
Pic credit: @doctorviviana/Instagram

A MAFS viewer commented on Katina’s somber demeanor, writing, “He is taking away her joy, her smile…She looks so sad.” 

Another commenter voiced a similar question that Dr. Viviana asked during the episode, writing, “I don’t understand him. Did he not cook and clean before he got married?”

One MAFS viewer suggested, “He needs to marry his ego.” 

Finally, a MAFS critic wrote, “They need to go pull his application again and see what he wrote for what he was looking for bcuz now he is making a big deal out of his expectations of his wife. Excuse me but did u put this down, I doubt it now he is trying to flip it and it’s unacceptable. He doesn’t even console her when he should.”

Dr. Viviana's comment section
Pic credit: @doctorviviana/Instagram

What do you think of Dr. Viviana’s assessment of Olajuwon and do you think Katina and Olajuwon should say yes on Decision Day? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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