Now we know why Clayton Echard is the next The Bachelor lead — The Bachelorette viewers react

Clayton Echard inside of a fort
The Bachelorette contestant Clayton Echard proved why he was chosen as The Bachelor during last night’s episode. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette viewers have been waiting in suspense to find out why producers chose Clayton Echard as the next Bachelor lead and that moment finally came during last night’s episode.

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette was special not only because it got narrowed down to the final four for hometown dates but because all of the dates were planned by Michelle’s students.

Four adorable children from her fifth-grade class came to the mansion to greet the men rather than Michelle or co-hosts Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams.

They were there to get to know the men and pick one of them to receive the first one-on-one with Michelle.

Clayton quickly caught on to the concept that it was a good idea to win over the students that hold a special place in Michelle’s heart.

Once this happened, viewers immediately realized that this is the make-or-break episode for the future Bachelor lead.

“This is it. The episode where we figure out why Clayton is the next bachelor,” one user excitedly wrote.

Clayton decided to make it fun for the kids by offering to build a fort with them.

The kids quickly grew a liking to Clayton. As the kids adorably enthused about all of Clayton’s winning attributes, realized why producers wanted to give him a second chance at love.

“We finally know why they picked Clayton as the next Bachelor,” one user tweeted.

Some Bachelorette viewers fell in love with Clayton

One viewer thought the kids brought up some very good points about what’s important to have in a husband.

In addition to being a good fort builder and having strong muscles for the groceries, he won the kids over by jokingly admitting to farting in front of Michelle and letting one of the girls paint his nails.

The kids chose Clayton to have a date night at the museum with Michelle. They had fun together exploring the museum and during dinner, Clayton opened up about how ready he was for marriage and having a family.

One user especially found the sexiness in “watching this big, hot man cry over how bad he wants a family.”

Unfortunately for Clayton, Michelle felt their connection wasn’t where it needed to be at this point and sent him home.

He was greeted by two of the kids who wrote him heartfelt letters. One of them even made Clayton tear up.

One user agreed with the kids’ assessment of Clayton, writing, “The kids’ letters were so touching-their instincts about Clayton being genuine were 100% correct!”

At the end of the episode, one of the girls said she thought he deserved to be the next Bachelor and it seems that her wish had come true.

Some viewers also felt that he deserved a second chance at love after watching this episode and are happy that he was chosen as The Bachelor.

Some Bachelorette viewers still aren’t feeling Clayton as the next Bachelor

Other viewers still weren’t impressed with the producers’ reasoning for choosing Clayton as The Bachelor.

One user knew this episode was a hard sell but they weren’t buying.

“Look at them showing us Clayton… they’re so blatant with this promotion for him. WE DON’T WANT IT!” They exclaimed.

Another wrote, “They are trying SOOO incredibly hard with this exit edit of Clayton to give us bachelor vibes and it’s … not working.”

Once Clayton’s time was up on The Bachelorette, many felt underwhelmed.

One user wrote, “Y’all but didn’t they say that the show was gonna make us fall in love with Clayton???!! Did that get edited out???!!”

It seems that after last night’s episode, Bachelor Nation is divided on whether Clayton Echard was the right choice for the next Bachelor or not.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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