Noah Erb reveals he would do Bachelor In Paradise now despite saying no earlier this year

Noah Erb
Noah Erb talks about a desire to be on Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Noah Erb was eliminated from Tayshia Adams’ season this week.

Despite surviving some drama with Bennett, Noah got to stay with the warning that he wasn’t completely safe.

Tayshia was still turned off by Noah’s desire to engage in petty drama, and she only kept him around for another week.

Noah had tried to impress Tayshia by shaving off his moustache and breaking the rules to get more time with The Bachelorette star, but it didn’t work in the long run.

Now that he’s not on the show anymore, he has his eyes set on another venture.

Noah Erb would go on Bachelor In Paradise

We should mention that Noah didn’t always see himself as being on a beach in Mexico.

According to Cheat Sheet, Noah has changed his mind since watching himself back on The Bachelorette.

“I realize now that it’s all just part of how it was,” Noah has shared according to Cheat Sheet, revealing that he’s coming to terms with the fact that he got the “villain edit” on this season.

“My personality itself got me in trouble. They can only show so much. So I took it with stride. My family and friends are super supportive. So I think I would do [Bachelor in Paradise], yeah.”

However, it wasn’t always like this. In fact, he told Becca Kufrin and Rachel Lindsay that he didn’t see himself on the show. He did this during an interview with them for their podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour.

Noah Erb reveals he has accepted the villain edit on The Bachelorette

He said that he wouldn’t join Bachelor in Paradise before the Men Tell All aired, but after it was filmed. In fact, Noah believes that Bachelor In Paradise is much like the drama that played out on the Men Tell All.

“I think Paradise would be wild,” he told the two former Bachelorette stars. “I think it’d be like a ‘Men Tell All.’ And you’ll see what the ‘Men Tell All’ was like.”

During this interview, he admitted that he wasn’t interested in doing Bachelor In Paradise while he was filming The Bachelorette. It had to do with how he was being portrayed. He already knew that he was being portrayed poorly and as the villain.

He clearly wasn’t happy about it, but he wasn’t willing to film Bachelor In Paradise if he was going to be portrayed as a villain the second time around.

“I said I wouldn’t do [Bachelor in Paradise],” Noah said. “Part of it was because I felt like I was getting a poor portrayal on the show, honestly. And I was like, listen, if they’re just going to make me look like some douchebag, there’s no reason to do it twice. I don’t need the publicity in my life. I was pretty happy with my life before the show. And I don’t need all of that, I don’t care for it.”

After his drama with Bennett aired on The Bachelorette, viewers agreed with Tayshia that sending Bennett home was the right decision. She ultimately did send Bennett home but warned Noah that he should feel lucky for staying on.

The drama between Bennett and Noah has been the most dramatic storyline between the guys this season. But the drama doesn’t end here. Chris Harrison has revealed that Tayshia will have a rocky ending to The Bachelorette. The finale will air next week.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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