Noah Erb responds to him and Abigail Heringer being called ‘the most boring couple’ in paradise

Noah Erb shares how he feels about being called boring on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise always starts with a bunch of eligible singles (at least for the most part) and then, toward the end, solid couples start to form and no longer worry about where they’ll be getting a rose.  

Often times there’s more drama and entertainment surrounding those that aren’t yet in established and secure relationships, which can lead the solid couples to appear a bit less exciting. 

Noah Erb came to paradise with his sights set on Abigail Heringer. When they finally met on the beach, Noah and Abigail hit it off immediately and haven’t hit too many bumps in the road, which has caused some Bachelor in Paradise viewers to call them boring. 

Noah Erb appears to have become privy to the way BIP critics view his relationship with Abigail Heringer as dull and he took to Instagram to provide his take. 

Noah Erb claps back at Bachelor in Paradise critics 

To address those calling Noah and Abigail “the most boring couple” in paradise, Noah made an Instagram post that included sweet photos from his time with Abigail on the island. 

In the first photo, Noah carries Abigail on his back with the subtitles of him saying, “So you remember how I told you we’d get a hammock and margs?”

In the next frame, Abigail looks surprised to see the cute date Noah set up for her. In the final photos, Noah and Abigail rest in the hammock together and kiss with the lyrics “When the sun goes down and the moon lights the sky” captioned below. 

Noah captioned the whole post with the statement, “If this is the definition of the most boring couple…I’ll take it.” Along with the caption he included the shush emoji and a drink emoji. 

Noah’s photos emphasize that while he and Abigail may have one of the quieter, simpler relationships it’s still a romantic and heartfelt connection and he doesn’t mind being boring if it means having cute conflict-free moments like the one they shared in the hammock. 

In the comments, many members of Bachelor Nation and The Bachelor franchise voiced their love for Noah and Abigail as a couple and agreed that they too would want to be boring if they could have a love like the one Noah found with Abigail. 

Abigail and Noah overcome their miscommunication 

While Abigail and Noah’s relationship has been pretty smooth, there were a few moments where lack of communication caused the couple to question themselves. 

Abigail struggled with comparing their physical intimacy to other couples. Meanwhile, Noah didn’t feel like Abigail expressed herself enough and he opened up to her about feeling unappreciated. 

When faced with their issues, they managed to handle them in a calm and mature fashion and their communication skills received praise from some Bachelor in Paradise viewers.

Noah and Abigail may not have the most explosive relationship in paradise but that seems to be just fine with Noah.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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