Noah Erb gushes over ‘ridiculously pretty’ girlfriend Abigail Heringer in latest photoshoot 

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer
Noah Erb continues to be infatuated with Abigail Heringer. Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer often enjoy a good couples photoshoot that captures their love and playful spirit.

The beloved Bachelor in Paradise couple recently shared snapshots from their latest beautiful shoot.

Noah also took time to sweetly praise his girlfriend’s beauty.

Noah Erb and Abigail Heringer pose on the beach

Abigail and Noah have been giving followers tons of glimpses into their new life in California together. 

Recently, Abigail shared photos from their shoot on the beach in Huntington Beach, California. 

Noah and Abigail wear whites and blues in the six affectionate photos and look thoroughly in love as they can’t keep their hands off each other. 

In several of the photos, Noah holds Abigail up in his arms or on his back as they stand on the sand near the ocean’s shore. 

Abigail wrote a heartwarming caption along with the post, saying simply, “the butter to my toast,” with a white heart emoji. 

Noah Erb took to his Instagram stories to share another photo from the shoot that wasn’t in Abigail’s initial post of pics. 

In the photo, Abigail and Noah sit with their arms wrapped around one another’s legs as Abigail smiles at the camera, and Noah looks off into the distance. 

Noah raved about Abigail’s looks on his story, writing, “Goodmorning babes, you’re ridiculously pretty, let’s go get chicken and waffles” while also commenting that the photoshoot was “super fun.”

Noah Erb's Instagram story
Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

Abigail also wasn’t done sharing photos from their picturesque beach day.

The Bachelor Nation star took to her Instagram stories to share another picture of her and Noah on the pier as they held hands with big smiles on their faces. Abigail wrote over the photo, “one more just because.” 

Abigail Heringer's Instagram story
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Abigail and Noah give insight into the little things in their relationship 

Abigail and Noah are also known to be very playful and enjoy teasing each other. 

Abigail shared a habit of Noah’s that she found amusing on her Instagram stories.

The photo featured Noah placing his hand on Abigail’s bare knee in her ripped jeans. 

Abigail asked, “Does anyone else’s man just…” and added, “es cute but my holes in my jeans are now massive.” 

Abigail Heringer's Instagram story
Pic credit: @abigail_heringer/Instagram

Noah Erb revealed the new activity he and Abigail are trying now that they live together. 

Sharing a photo of a stunning sunset and palm trees, Noah wrote, “Abi and I are trying this new thing called. ‘Walking’ this is just one I’ll keep you posted on others.” 

Noah Erb's Instagram story
Pic credit: @noah_erb/Instagram

From walks to beach days to stunning photoshoots, it seems clear Noah and Abigail are loving life together. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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