Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi’s kids think Jersey Shore is not real, mom is an ‘actress’

nicole polizzi
Nicole Polizzi’s children think that ‘Jersey Shore’ isn’t real and that their famous mom is an actress. Pic credit: @snooki/Instagram

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has an interesting way of explaining her wild antics on Jersey Shore to her kids. It turns out, she hasn’t been entirely honest with them about the popular MTV reality show and her role on it.

Snooki’s three children believe that her job is that of an actress and that Jersey Shore is not real in a new report published by Us Weekly.

The reality television star, who achieved fame on the MTV show with her outrageous antics over the course of 11 years, has not yet corrected her older offspring: son Lorenzo and daughter Giovanna, when they respond in such a way. Angelo, age 2, has not yet realized what takes his mom out of town for several days at a time for filming and promotion of the series.

Nicole shared the news about her kids while speaking with the news outlet and promoting a new commercial where she is the spokesperson for Kracken Rum.

The businesswoman, who also owns and operates The Snooki Shop in Madison, New Jersey, revealed the sneaky way that she is able to continue being “Snooki” to the masses and still be a super mom in the eyes of her kids.

Nicole and husband Jionni LaValle have decided to tell them how their mom earns a living when the time is right and they are old enough to understand.

Until then, the couple are keeping mum.

Nicole said of her kids, ‘they think I’m acting’

Nicole shared that her children believe that Nicole goes away to work on acting gigs during the days she films Jersey Shore or other projects that have been afforded her due to her celebrity.

“Both [of my eldest two] kids, [Lorenzo, 8, and Giovanna, 6], think I’m an actress,” she said.

Of her on-camera work, Nicole admitted, “I tell them that it’s not real. I’m just acting, like, I’m playing a role, that’s what they think. … I don’t think they’re ready for that yet. So as of right now, I am an actress.”

The MTV personality plans to tell her children and their younger brother, Angelo, 2, the truth when they’re 16 or 17.

Nicole’s reason for not admitting her party-girl past

Nicole has a good reason for not admitting her party-girl past to her young children.

First, they are too young to grasp the way the reality star expressed herself when in her early 20s, much of it documented for posterity on MTV.

Second, she would rather, for the time being, keep that information close to her chest as to not give her kids any ideas about behaving in a similar manner as they get older.

“They’ll kind of get it [then],” Nicole said of sharing her past when her children grow older.

“Like, ‘Listen, Mommy had some crazy years before she was a mommy. She let loose. So whatever you see on TV back then, just do the opposite of what I did,’” she said of the advice she will give her older children.

For now, Nicole and her husband Jionni LaValle, whom she met on Jersey Shore, would like to allow their three children to be raised as normally as possible.

However, she can’t keep her kids’ friends from speaking up.

Nicole said that when her children’s classmates bring up her fame, they “brush it off” and say that’s her “job.”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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