Watch Snooki’s new vodka commercial poke fun at Jersey Shore mayhem

nicole polizzi
Nicole Polizzi filmed a new commercial that highlights her best moments at the Jersey Shore. Pic credit: @snooki/MTV

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi shared her latest project with her 14.2 million Instagram followers, a commercial that promotes a vodka company and plays on some of her most hilarious Jersey Shore moments.

The reality star was seen in the clip as she sat in a bar at the shore town of Seaside Heights, New Jersey where four seasons of the MTV hit were filmed.

She sat on a stool at a hi-top table with a drink in front of her. Nicole appeared to be speaking on her phone. She told her friend, “What do you mean you’re running late? I’m at the bar!”

She followed that with, “I just got my drink, I’m ready to go. Oh my God, you’re so annoying, just get here please!”

This was spliced with a video of people running down the boardwalk with what appeared to be a large, sea animal chasing them. A graphic appeared that said, “The Kracken is Coming.” This was a spoof of Nicole’s iconic “Where’s the beach” moment during the early seasons of Jersey Shore.

“What did you just call me? That’s how you get bounced bro!” she said to the crowd, referring to her MTV Awards appearance when she misunderstood Nikki Glaser whom she thought called the cast “old.”

Nicole’s kids think she’s an actress

On the heels of the debut of this commercial for the adult beverage, Nicole said in an interview with Us Weekly that her children think she is an actress and that Jersey Shore isn’t real.

“Both [of my eldest two] kids, [Lorenzo, 8, and Giovanna, 6], think I’m an actress,” she said. “I tell them that it’s not real. I’m just acting, like, I’m playing a role, that’s what they think. … I don’t think they’re ready for that yet. So as of right now, I am an actress.”

The MTV personality plans to her kids and their brother Angelo the truth when they are teenagers.

Snooki admitted she will reveal all her escapades

The mother of three said that she will explain her party girl days carefully and hope her children will take the opposite road of how she conducted herself in her 20s.

“They’ll kind of get it [then],” Nicole said. “Like, ‘Listen, Mommy had some crazy years before she was a mommy. She let loose. So whatever you see on TV back then, just do the opposite of what I did.”

Nicole and her husband Jionni LaValle are trying to raise their kids as normally as possible. When their school friends bring up what their mom does, the kids accept it as if it is her job.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation airs Thursdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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