Nick Viall speaks out on Bachelor Nation stars recently exposed for taking out PPP loans

Nick Viall on The Bachelorette
Nick Viall speaks out about Bachelor Nation stars who received PPP loans Pic credit: ABC

It’s been revealed recently that a few Bachelor Nation stars took out Paycheck Protection Program loans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Tayshia Adams, Arie Luyendyk, Colton Underwood, and Dale Moss have all been noted as receiving at least $10,000 or more from the PPP loans.

The loan program was originally put in place as an aid to small businesses that were negatively impacted by the pandemic and required assistance to continue to pay their employees and cover expenses throughout the shutdown.

The stars allegedly received the loans as aide to their “influencer” careers.

Several fans were outraged at this news and felt it was an inappropriate use of the program funds.

Bachelor alum Nick Viall recently spoke out and shared his thoughts on the entire ordeal.

Nick Viall speaks out on Bachelor Nation stars taking out PPP loans

Nick Viall took to social media to give his opinion on his fellow Bachelor Nation alum’s decision to take advantage of the PPP loan program.

He alluded to the stars’ decision as being “both savvy and s****y,”

He posted on Twitter and said, “What’s legal isn’t always right. What’s illegal isn’t always wrong. Don’t know everyone’s situation, but my gut tells any alum applying for a PPP is both savvy and s****y. Interesting debate.”

One fan replied and mentioned how several self-employed people took advantage of the loan program and it wasn’t necessarily wrong to do. They then asked Nick, “How many wouldn’t take government money if it was offered to them legally?”

Nick replied, “It’s a fair question. People will be on both sides. I don’t turn done everything I don’t need. I do have two business but chose not to seek out PPP. For me it felt wrong given my circumstance relative to people in need. We also don’t know everyone’s situation. I can only guess.”

Nick Viall continues conversation about PPP loans
Nick Viall continues conversation about PPP loans Pic credit: @DrMcFluffin @viallnicholas28/Twitter

It’s clear that Nick doesn’t agree with the decision of Bachelor Nation stars to take advantage of a program like this when the money could be going to someone who was more in need.

Tayshia and Colton defend their PPP loan

According to E! News, Tayshia received a loan of $20,833 through the LLC Tayshia Adams Media, and Colton’s non-profit organization collected $11,355 in April 2020.

A rep for Tayshia explained, “As a business owner, television and podcast host, and brand ambassador, Tayshia obtained a PPP Loan that enabled her to hire an employee (someone who was previously unemployed), to whom she offers market-based pay and benefits.”

He added, “Since exhausting the PPP Loan funds, but in light of the growing economy, Tayshia has committed to retaining her employee for the foreseeable future.”

Colton’s rep explained that he never received money from the loan personally and said, “Colton’s nonprofit filed for the PPP loan after their annual fundraising events were canceled due to COVID. None of the PPP went directly to Colton. In fact, Colton has never received any form of payment from the foundation, all of the proceeds go directly to people living with cystic fibrosis.”

While they haven’t provided official statements, Arie obtained a PPP loan of $20,830 in June 2020 through an LLC called Instagram Husband and Dale applied for a loan of $20,833 but the funds have yet to be distributed.

Whether or not the Bachelor Nation stars’ use of the funds was legal, the decision to take advantage of this program did not sit well with fans.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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