Nick Viall gives major credit to Matt James for how he’s handled being The Bachelor during the show’s controversy

Nick Viall
Nick Viall reveals Matt James has done a great job as The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall has been following Matt James’ season of The Bachelor this year.

He understands that Matt’s season of the show is historical in nature because Matt is the first person of color to lead The Bachelor franchise.

But no one could have predicted what would happen in 2021 with the Bachelor franchise and how everything would blow up over conversations of racism within the franchise.

Despite everything that has happened, Matt handled it well and has stayed cool.

Nick Viall gives Matt James credit for how he has handled everything

As Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor aired and Matt had an emotional conversation with his father, Nick tweeted that he was impressed with how Matt had handled everything.

“Matt has handled being the #TheBachelor as well as anyone before him all while having to ensure so much more. Both while filming and after,” Nick wrote on Twitter.

“Without ever being expose to this insane world before staring. Well done Matt. #Character.”

Nick Viall
Pic credit: @viallnicholas28/Twitter

Matt hadn’t been on The Bachelorette before filming his own season of the show, so he had no idea what he was going into. Chris Harrison previously revealed Matt had no idea what a rose ceremony was.

On top of everything he was going through on the show, Matt was also watching as the franchise was being criticized for not appropriately addressing racism.

Nick Viall couldn’t have predicted the entire outcome

Like Matt, Nick couldn’t have predicted everything that would have happened in February and March of this year.

He couldn’t have predicted that Matt’s final pick would have old photos from a Southern Belle party that would cause Chris to step down from his hosting duties.

While Matt thought he had found his potential wife in Rachael, the recent developments have caused him to take action.

Reality Steve reported that Matt and Rachael have broken up since the show ended. Matt wore a bold shirt a few days after the split, saying that racist people were not his kind of people.

But just because Matt didn’t find love on The Bachelor doesn’t mean he has given up on dating. Fans believe that Matt and Heather could be hanging out after the show, as they were both in San Clemente recently.

Heather tried to pursue Matt on The Bachelor, but he sent her home out of respect for the other women.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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