Are Matt James and Heather Martin hanging out in secret after The Bachelor?

Matt James and Heather Martin
Fans believe that Matt James and Heather Martin are hanging out in secret. Pic credit: ABC

This season of The Bachelor with Matt James has made history for many reasons, including having Matt as the first person of color.

But it also made history by having Heather Martin crash the show, only to completely ignore her presence at the Women Tell All and essentially cut her out of the season.

Heather never got her chance to explain herself on the Women Tell All – a segment meant to give all the women a chance to speak out.

But even though Heather hasn’t addressed what went down, The Bachelor fans believe that Matt may have taken notice of her bold move to crash his season.

It’s no secret that they have mutual friends and now, fans believe they could be sending each other messages online.

Fans believe Matt James and Heather Martin are sending each other messages

In fact, some fans have pointed out that Matt and Heather appear to be in the same places as well.

It all started when Matt tagged himself as being in San Clemente, California last week. He was hanging out with his friends.

Matt California
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Suddenly, Heather also tagged herself as being in San Clemente, California. She shared an Instagram Story from her car, revealing that she had just grabbed a smoothie. Neither of them made mentions of each other.

Heather Martin
Pic credit: @heatherm22/Instagram

Days later, Heather shared another Instagram Story of herself in a drive-thru. In her caption, she revealed she had a churro craving and she went to get one wearing a robe and clogs – in the rain.

Heather Martin
Pic credit: @heatherm22/Instagram

That’s when Matt shared a photo from The Bachelor with the caption, “Robe SZN.” According to Urban Dictionary, SZN means “season.” In other words, Matt is saying it’s “robe season,” which could confirm that he’s hanging out with Heather. On the other hand, it could be a complete coincidence.

Plus, he was with Bri Springs in the picture – not Heather.

Matt James and Heather Martin have one person in common – Hannah Brown

It’s no secret that Matt and Heather could have hung out after The Bachelor. We know that Matt and his final pick Rachael Kirkconnell have split over the recent drama surrounding Rachael’s photos from 2018.

Fans guessed that perhaps Hannah Brown had played a role in Heather’s decision to pursue Matt on The Bachelor and Hannah could have brought them together after the show, as Heather didn’t stay long in Nemacolin.

After being on The Bachelor, Heather revealed that she was happy she faced her fears and pursued Matt, even though the women on his season didn’t want her there. Bachelor Nation showed nothing but support.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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